Friday, 19 June 2020

Eye Candy in the Garden

This is that tiny window in time when the garden doesn't look too bad ... yet.
The heat and humidity will out though ... it has already started.
Until it truly throttles me , I sneak about catching those shots that make me pause and appreciate.

This dragonfly sitting on an ostrich fern was a bonus because I know it helps keep the naughty insects in check .. so thank you for doing your job and looking gorgeous !
You can see him/her at the bottom right hand corner, sunbathing by the dry stream bed.
I think  you can surmise that I have a thing for ostrich fern or do they have a thing for me ?
I'm still in love with my allium, skeletons and all .. I will keep them as long as possible !
I had been worried about the kiwi vine when that last very sneaky frost took out the top leaves.
I was amazed at how fast the new growth filled in the "charred" layer though, BONUS !
Thankfully my neighbor is a sweetheart and doesn't mind me gardening on her side of the ally way.

I have a thing for those tiny blue campanula flowers, can you tell ?
Blue just perks things up a little doesn't it ?
A touch of pink doesn't hurt either .. these Biokovo geranium sweep the flagstones and if you catch them in just the right light you can be amazed with their detail.
Upper right hand side of above photo is where I caught them looking especially gorgeous.
In the shade, Lady's Mantle and Lamb's Ears are a pretty match also sweeping the pathway.

OK .. now for something funny.
I have been known to shop Zulily .. I found a solar water pump (tiny) that I set in this ceramic pot.
It just makes me laugh every time I look at it because it works so hard when the sun shines on it.
In the heat we have been experiencing , the rate of evaporation keeps me on my toes filling it up.
So I work for every bit of that fountain entertainment too !


Linda said...

Your gardens look lovely Joy. I was out walking around ours this morning and checking things out, and the hostas are outgrowing their spaces so will have to be divided in the fall. For now I just trim the biggest bottom leaves away. I did notice one fern that was starting to wither away as it desperately needs water. Maybe later today we will get a bit of rain. Stay cool.

Jason said...

Eye candy indeed! I love that side path with the ferns and hosta - so inviting!

Himawan Sant said...

I am amazed by the arrangement of your garden. Neat and all plants look fertile.
Have a nice week, greetings from Indonesia.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Linda .. thank you so much ;-) I walked the back garden yesterday evening (25th) and I was SHOCKED ... it was so dry out there I panicked .. we set the sprinklers for every morning now to try and catch up .. those winds and high temps wicked all the moisture out .. I just hope I don't lose any plants .. I made the mistake of not really keeping up with what was going on ! YIKES !

Thanks Jason ;-) I was trying to keep with a sweeping foliage theme .. but as I said to Linda .. I hadn't realized how desperately dry things have gotten .. I am in a bt of a panic mode now to catch up and not lose plants .. that was a shocker !

Hello Himawan and thank you ! I had a peek at your last post and all of those engineered animals were quite amazing ! .. the park is a great place to take kids and yes , adults can enjoy it very much as well !

Tanza Erlambang said...

Garden looks small, but a lot of beautiful plants and it

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks very much Tanza .. I stopped by your blog and found out about the dandelion look alike!
You have some very interesting posts ;-)

Nadezda said...

Hello Joy,
Lovely blue campanula it grows freely on your path tiles. I think it goes well to many other flowers. Your tiny fountain is very rare thing, I'd love to have it too.
Wish all the best.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Nadezda, yes I love these tiny jewels in the garden and they do compliment the other plants and flowers .. the little fountain is a cute water option to have, just for fun!

Snowbird said...

Oh, that dragonfly is fantastic! Your dry stream bed does look lovely. You have so many beautiful plants in your garden, and how lush is that kiwi vine! I just love the solar fountain, you had me laughing how often you have to fill it

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Snowbird ;-) Thank you !
I love dragonflies .. they are so beautiful and so helpful, getting rid of bugs in the garden.
Yes ... it is too darn funny how often I have to top up that tiny water fountain .. but you do what you do for a smile right ? LOL

A Casa Madeira said...

Olá, como vão as coisas do lado de cá?
Fiquei encantada com essa espécie de
samambaia vou procurar aqui no Brasil;

Comprei essa fonte de luz solar demorou um mês
pra chegar e não funciona.
Obrigada pela visita.
Todo o dia primeiro de cada mês tenho post novo.
Boa continuação de semana.

Hello, how are things on this side?
I was delighted with this kind of
fern I will look for here in Brazil;

I bought this source of sunlight took a month
to arrive and it doesn't work.
Thank you for your visit.
Every first day of every month I have a new post.
Good continuation of the week.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Janice .. I think your comment doubled ? LOL Thank you for stopping by and good luck with the fern .. I will be over to your place soon ;-)

RobinL said...

Have you ever thought of spray painting your spent allium blossoms purple to hang onto them longer? I've seriously seen this done numerous times. Your garden is always so neat, that's the thing I love best about it! Gorgeous, but tidy.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Robin .. I have flirted with the idea but I just haven't gotten there yet with it .. maybe some year I will JUST DO IT ? LOL . It isn't very neat at the moment .. my kiwi vine is WAY ahead of me with many arms facing MANY directions .. vines always get the best of me most years .. I think I may have to cut back on them.


I love everything about your garden, Joy. I have two solar fountains. They're so much fun. I'm going to email you a photo of one with a baby frog.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Gracie and thank you ! I so LOVE little frogs ... ever since I was as big as a small frog ? LOL .. seriously though .. that would be my wish for the garden .. to have frogs .. but I have some pretend ones in the mean time ;-)