Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Jungle Mode Gardening ?

It is HOT and humid here .. I know other places are hotter and more humid, but it really is a long streak happening here and we are a bit fed up .. so much so I can't wait for Fall.
In the mean time I try to do my garden chores as early in the morning as possible and yet keep an eye out for any special moments that I can capture with my camera.
Some times Garden PA helps me out with that mission.
As in the two gorgeous butterflies he saw on the clematis tower.
Something I just did not consider ! Butterflies upside down, sipping from Mrs. Harvey !
My image search said this is a White Admiral.
The inside of it's wings were so colourful compared to it's outside wings
Image search said this is a Eastern or Canadian Tiger Swallow Tail
The two of them together, after the same nectar.
Why the White Admiral sips upside down compared to the Tiger Swallow Tail sipping right side up is a mystery but as long as they enjoy it .. that is the point !
Mean while .. the garden marches on .. cloudy morning after the sprinklers have done their job..
The ivy takes a bit of pruning but it looks great while covering the water barrel.
Little Lamb, my oldest hydrangea .. leafing out and looking promising with flower heads.
At the foot is Stella day lily .. so very common, but what a work horse !
Speaking of layering .. even I have to say I might have gone overboard.
Some plants are earmarked to be transplanted else where to fill in other gaps.
Big Blue is fed up with too much water .. I'm actually surprised it bloomed for me this year.
I may be sorry I am experimenting with Honeysuckle  .. but I can't help myself right now.

It is rather photogenic .. for now ?
Echinacea "Aloha" ... I hope many more to come .. but it is early yet.
Butterfly weed is ripening ...
The last of the allium "sparklers" will have to go soon.
Rozanne is a pretty back drop for them in the shade.
The plants can be a bit thuggish and it is only early July .. so I better get my pruners sharpened and plan ahead for what has to change as the garden matures .. not me ... the garden !


Jenn Jilks said...

Such a beautiful array! Happy gardening. We're watering daily, with our drought.

Snowbird said...

I just love seeing what is blooming in your garden, absolutely gorgeous! Your heat and humidity remind me of holidays where it near killed me....being dramatic, but can't stand either so feel for you.
Oh....that upside down butterfly is fascinating, is it something to do with the length of the proboscis, just as guess. Who knew white admirals existed, we have red ones, the things you learn eh? Just love your

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wow!! A White Admiral butterfly. Is it a common butterfly up your way? I have only seen these down South or on the East Coast maybe.
I love that Sea Holly. I haven't tried growing it. I do grow Rattlesnake Master which is in the same family, I think. It is a native here and can get pretty tall in the right place. I like your layers. It doesn't leave any room for weeds. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

HI Jen ..Thank you ! .. Yes, this heat just keeps coming and coming .. I really can't wait for Fall LOL

Hey there SB .. some days when I come in from working in the garden I swear that I might just collapse into a puddle and never get up again .. I am an Autumn gal !
You don't have White Admirals there ? .. I would love to see a red one .. yes probably a glitch with their proboscis , it was fascinating to see .. thank goodness Garden PA saw it or I would have missed it !

Lisa girl hello there .. I don't know how common it is but I was thrilled to see it and the Tiger (which I don't recall seeing before) .. they were so beautiful together, what a treat!
Yes rattlesnake master is in the same family as far as I know.
The most impressive sea holly I grew , which was HUGE .. was Miss Willmott's Ghost .. google it it will surprise you .. I would love to grow it again if I can find it, but I have to put it in the proper dry sunny place .. sea holly are amazing eh ?
I have so many layers it can be ridiculous ;-)

Jason said...

LOVE those butterfly photos! We're seeing Black Swallowtails and Red Admirals (and Monarchs), but no Tiger Swallowtails or White Admirals so far this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jason and thank you, if it wasn't for Garden PA I wouldn't have seen them and went mad taking photos ! LOL I think at a certain point I had a White Admiral cat on my blueberry bushes .. I so hope he survived because I have this sprinkler system that is too effective ? at times .. I can't wait to see if we have Monarchs at the hydrangea tree again this year, last year was amazing with them !


If Stella looked as good for me as it did for you, I would grow it. But it doesn't so I don't. :) The swallowtail is the same one we have here. We see them every day this year which is highly unusual. Usually after June they're gone. I love the two Clematis adorning your wall and the ivy on the rain barrel is lovely. And that driftwood in the gravel... such a nice touch. You have an incredible eye, my friend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you so much Gracie .. I am trying to catch up to your multiple comments girl !LOL
That Stella is so old now I can't even remember how old she is, haha .. but she still has some life in her , so she can stay right there (I think it would be a huge effort to get her out now anyways) .. I love setting a bit of a theme in places .. some times too much ? LOL