Saturday, 3 October 2020

A Little Tattered and Worn

 Look up into the yellow bell and see the bottom of a bee very hard at work  in the header picture.  It took me a while before I realized it !

The garden is becoming a little (or a lot ) tattered , but sometimes when the sun light is just right , you can see such beauty filtering through the worn foliage and the dried flower heads.

It amazes me how many pollinators absolutely love sedum of every kind .. the shadow and light bring out wonderful features of the flowerheads.
Geranium Rozanne seems bluer than blue , even in the shadows.
Little Lamb is the deepest rose pink that it will ever be as the season is closing.
By now I am too late to cut flowers and save them ... little project time lines have passed me by.
I meant to get more pictures of this little aster that is so stubborn about existing in the shadier side of my back garden
What a remarkable blue though right ?
I was able to capture this sweet little bee still so hard at work.
I have been trying to leave as much as I can for the pollinators even as the BES are beginning to brown off .. I was thinking our little finches and smaller birds might want the seeds.
This is a late game golden rod that I kept pinching off to hold it back to feed the insects.
My dark foliage bugbane has been so pretty to see bloom from tight buds to fluffy flower heads.
They remind me of Bear's Britches aka Acanthus Mollis
Korean Yellow Wax Bells almost look artificial at times.
I couldn't resist taking this picture even with the glare of the sun reflecting back on the camera.
It just felt like a perfect moment in time to see the garden in Autumn mode.
I shot this full moon picture last night (October 2nd) it was difficult because of the trajectory of it moving over my neighbor's roof and the dark light value of the sky .. but it was a gorgeous cool night with a lot of twinkling stars in the sky and I was glad to find it because rain is moving in and that was my only chance .. no beautiful yellow cast, but wonderful all the same for night sky watchers.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Despite your garden getting that autumnal look it is so pleasant in its slide into winter. So much color it is dreamy.

Alana said...

Tattered, yes, but still a lot of interest. Right now, in my back yard, I can still see some bees working my pink turtlehead and a heuchera. I've never seen the Korean Yellow Wax Bell plant in my area, I don't think(?) Isn't watching the garden a bit wistful now, as we will both be saying goodbye to ours before we know it.

Jenn Jilks said...

I keep thinking I ought to snap the moon, but there seems so much going on!
Lovely photos!

Snowbird said...

I don't know about tired....your garden is still simply stunning and vibrant! It is just gorgeous and to think it's autumn. I loved seeing the little bees and love how you consider all the insects. That moon....WOW!xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lisa girl !.. I have to admit, I like the "wildness" it takes on before I set it to order for the winter .. the colours seem to meld into each other.

Hello Alana .. it is amazing how long and hard those little bees keep working .. the wax bell is hardy down to zone 5 or even 4 I think .. it is a pretty one to have in the shade garden. Yes .. that slide into darkness and cold .. but we know there will be Spring again and life will be bright .

Yes .. some subjects take us forever to snap .. I was just lucky to catch the moon this cycle because we had rough weather after that night. I haven't gotten any leaves yet ...

Thank you so much Snowbird ;-) I have so much more work to do planting bulbs .. it staggers my mind (or what is left of it ? LOL) .. I love an Autumn moon .. crisp dark nights with twinkling stars and a gorgeous full moon ... what else could you ask for ?

Jason said...

Looks pretty good to me. Especially like the Bugbane.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jason and thanks ! .. Yes, I love dark bugbane because the white flower heads really come to life on them .. they have been with me for some time .. some plants live a LONG time thankfully ;-)