Monday, 17 May 2021

Full On Gardening Mode

 Actually as I post this the plants have leapt forward even more .. the pictures can not keep up from the day to day changes and I am exhausted already ? .. I just hand or should I say "wand" watered the garden beds and it took over 3 hours .. a good deep water takes time and work.

I hope we can turn on the sprinkler system SOON !

These tulips have been the best ones I have tried so far .. they are called Beauty of Spring , Darwin tulips ... they are tall, strong and gorgeous ! I have had lots of compliments on them so hopefully they will over winter well and be just as beautiful next year .. that is my judging point, next years show.

Freckles violet just has to squeeze in here because it is such a happy plant, yes plants can be happy or is it they just make you stop and smile, therefor they are happy plants .. I will take what ever explanation does the job !
I am a fan of epimedium  for their flowers which can be rather remarkable in colour and form and their foliage that transforms as the season progresses. They are great ground covers in a shade garden.
Purple Pixie
Niveum epimedium  aka Snowy Barrenwort has amazing white bell flowers that shine in the shade.
The sun strip border is still just waking up and I am so glad that Bronze Peacock rodgersia has survived! It is a late emerger  and I should know about that type of thing for a few buddleia that had been booted out of the garden by MISTAKE !  .... live and learn !
View from my ally way between houses, the difference from when we arrived here 20 years ago is beyond amazing .. it was almost all dead grass and two dead trees plus a sand pit in the corner.
My favorite crane standing guard with Solomon's Seal sprouting and a variety of companion plants edging their way in as well. Red Majestic corkscrew hazel begins with burgundy foliage but ends with a green  as it matures .. I would have loved the burgundy to be permanent but you take what you can ?
The actual ally way , crowned by the Kiwi vine over the arbor. I asked my neighbor if I could plant on her side of the division, past the gate and to the left. So ? I just kept planting and planting !


Jenn Jilks said...

This is so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your garden.
I lost about half my tulips to rabbits. That's not a bad deal!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jenn .. my brain was so burnt out from garden chores when I posted this, it is amazing it made any sense ? LOL YES ! I highly recommend these tulips , they are real eye candy ;-)

Anonymous said...

The tulips are marvelous, and your gardens are coming along beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there and thank you ! .. the plants change EVERY day .. I feel a bit of panic at times ?LOL

Snowbird said...

Haha, I love how you are gaining your neighbours land! Watering by hand s a right old pain for sure. Here's to you being able to use the sprinkler. I just love those tulips, so regal. Oh....everything is bursting into life in your beautiful garden. You won't be able to keep up

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All of your hard work is paying off. Your garden is beautiful. 😍 i love this time of year with the garden changing daily. It is like it is telling a story.

Nancy J said...

Hello Joy, I hopped to you from Jenn , I have another blog friend who I think also lives in Kingston? Your tulips are stunning, down here in new Zealand my bulbs atre just planted, but I will definitely have to see if there are any of those somewhere. Love the paved walkway. I hope to visit you soon again.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello you ! Snowbird I owe you a visit, thanks so much for stopping by, I know you are so busy too ! .. I am getting there sooner or later ;-)
I am already at the "I can't keep up stage" .. all winter I think of what I want to do and how I will do it and then the JUNGLE bowls me over ? LOL

Hello Lisa girl You are so right about the garden changing daily , it is scary you can almost see it stretching out before your eyes .. I have spent quite a few hours just trying to keep up with maintenance ley alone new ideas and plants .. I have to stop sometime with buying plants and yet I just did it again today ? ... All gardens have a story to tell ;-)

Hello Nancy and thank you for dropping by ! Jenn is further out , more northern (towards Ottawa) and in the country side. Isn't it crazy how we are in opposite seasons ? I think it is a mini marvel to think you are going into winter mode and we are going full tilt into summer mode and all the work that goes with it. These are the best tulips I have tried so far and they are keepers for another season .. usually I rip tulips up because I just can't count on them for a good show the next year .. this Darwin series is remarkable, I hope you can find them, maybe on line ?

Jason said...

NICE TULIPS, and that Violet is amazing!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Jason .. I am a fan of these tulips and so curious to see if they are just as good next year .. Freckles is a great filler plant in difficult sites as well as looking great ;-)