Thursday, 20 May 2021

Summer muscling in already !

All of these photos are about a week old so they don't illustrate how the garden has lurched forward like CRAZY ! We have had high temps with no rain, which isn't good, but the plants don't know that and I do hand water when it is needed .. Spring seems to last a couple of weeks at best then we go full force into summer with heat and humidity. I almost wish Autumn was around the corner .. I know, that is terrible right ? LOL
I don't like taking photos in complete shade but those blue brunnera flowers look amazing next to a gold hosta. I have learned the hard way how to plant what I really like .. eventually ?

 Korean Yellow Waxbells .. love the foliage and those pale yellow waxy looking flowers. 

Toadlily reaching up.

I am so happy all of my Japanese maples made it through winter and look luscious this Spring.

Thalictrum and spirea as companion plants look amazing early Spring


Kris Peterson said...

Your spring garden is looking amazing and I hope the summer-like temperatures and lack of rain don't mar the flowers or fresh foliage. We had some ridiculously high, summer-like temperatures ourselves in April and even before but May has been surprisingly comfortable thus far. Rainfall, on the other hand, had been abysmal - we've had just over 4 inches since October 1st, making it the second worst rainy season in my memory.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You have so many beautiful vignettes in your garden Joy. It is such a pleasure to see them. It is getting hot here too. I neeed to water all plants now.

Nadezda said...

Hello Joy
I love your Japanese maples, they look healthy and have wintered well.
My rhododendrons are half healthy because of the ice and water in the winter.
The weather is changing rapidly here too. Last week the weather was fine, warm enough without rain - just like yours. It's cold rain and wind now. The blossoming flowers were covered with a special cloth, painstaking work.
My son lives in Chicago, said that it is hot there, loves the weather, not a gardener :-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Kris it has become a common factor almost every where with the lack of good rainfall.
We had no real Spring rain .. but remarkably the plants have soldiered on and are looking good for now. Poor hubby was going to water for me but the hose blew up and it was a panic buy on Amazon to replace it in time before the plants start gasping !
I shouldn't complain about rain fall when you have had so little .. that is sad indeed.

Hi Lisa girl ;-) Thank you so much, but now the struggle is hot weather and very little chance of good rainfall .. hopefully the new hose will come soon and we can save that fresh look ? LOL

Nadezda hello there ! Yes this was a lucky year some how with the maples coming through so well, such a relief ! I'm sorry about your rhodos , that is discouraging when you can't do anything about what the weather does. I understand the painstaking work .. wiring in clematis vines take me forever (least likeable job !) Yup .. non gardeners don't mind hot rainless weather at all ! LOL

Jenn Jilks said...

I planted a Japanese Maple a couple of houses ago! I'd love to go check on it...
This weather is discouraging. We had a hot April, cold May, and then a hot May. Seriously!
I've never heard of waxbells. Such a lovely garden!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jenn .. I am a Japanese maple addict .. I have 9 ? of them scattered through out the gardens .. you can't beat their colour or structure for eye appeal among garden plants.
Yes !! ... what is up with this crazy weather ? .. we collide with summer after a wee touch of Spring. Korean Yellow Wax Bells are perfect for a shade garden .. the foliage is beautiful and the pale yellow drooping flowers that come in Autumn are very pretty contrast tot he foliage.
You should have a peek at that Japanese maple ! LOL

Jason said...

Love those yellow waxbells.Here we have gone suddenly from the fridge to the oven - today was 88 degrees F or 31 C.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jason , they are a keeper and so long lived , I can't even tell you for sure when I planted "one" plant and it colonized so well. We are in the same position and it is driving me crazy .. Garden PA went to turn the hose on and it exploded .. so I quickly ordered a new one from Amazon but with the heat and wind the garden is so dry I swear I hear it coughing . I can't remember a fake Spring like this for ages .. no Spring rain to speak of either.

Snowbird said...

Oh, those can't beat them. Just lovely. xxx