Sunday, 18 July 2021

Inuvik a July Pick

 Well it was only a matter of time and negligence on my part .. I have fallen behind my neem oil routine so you have to know those nameless BEETLES have been rampant and made me think "why do I do lilies ?"

Well .. because sometimes they just look so fabulous right ? .. Inuvik .. just a plain, but glowing white lily that emits such a fresh feeling in the crowds of greenery.

 I have a thing for the white tiger lily .. I have lost the exact name to this one but it is beautiful even after the sprinklers have done their deed.

Another cool white flower with a story ... this is Pee Gee standard hydrangea still stuck in it's pot from when I bought it months ago. I can't plant it yet because I have to dig out my dead lilac which acts as a frame for three clematis vines .. it is complicated. To top it off  (literally) ? I had to cut off these gorgeous flowers because when it rained, and for some strange reason it is raining here a LOT. Well the little "tree" with it's spindly trunk ? kept falling over, it couldn't take the soaked top weight. Sadly now it has no flowers. 

Strutter's Ball is a day lily that gives a great big bang of colour in the ally way garden.
Giant Fleece Flower can't help but draw your attention down the ally way garden right ?
I'm really beginning to encroach more and more on my neighbor's side, but I do so love a big panicum grass with showy seed heads and flashing Fall colours as it ages. This is a new one to me "Blood Brothers" .. I know it will take a few years for it to look really impressive but it is a start.
Meanwhile in the back garden the native culver's root (veronicastrum virginicum) is growing quickly with all the rain we have had. I have two types of bug bane to the left of it with their flowering time lagging a few weeks after each other.
I was surprised to read that my Japanese Holly fern is graded for zone 6 .. I am 5b here but I think having an 8 foot fence creates a micro climate for some plants .
I have work to do with my patch of iris, they caught me off guard and crowded in quickly.
Blue Mouse Ears are on either ends of this planting . They also should be spilt up, the list of chores to do is becoming long to say the least and I am so in the mood for Autumn right now.

It may be hard to get perspective of the size of this little bunny who has been nibbling on the grass out front. It is very young, not much more than a baby really. It was remarkable Garden PA saw it while we were backing into the driveway .. it took me a few minutes to see the little guy/gal before it jumped under the large purple barberry .. I always find it remarkable to see little wildlife like this.


Kris Peterson said...

The lilies are beautiful but I'm sorry to hear about the beetles. It's always something it seems. Cute as they are, bunnies have been my "something" this year - hopefully, your bunny will stick to the lawn. Your garden, flowers and foliage alike, is looking fabulous.

Margaret said...

Such a pretty lily! I didn't realize that there were lily eating beetles - I'll have to keep an eye out! We have been getting a ton of rain too. I had to turn off our irrigation a couple of weeks ago, for both the veg and ornamental beds. I'm planning on adding a few trees this year and missed my springtime opportunity so was waiting until fall, but with all this rain, I'm regretting not getting it done in early summer - hindsight is 20-20, I guess!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hate that you have to deal with those lily beetles. They haven't found their way to my garden as yet. I have a friend here in town that says she has them so I imagine it will be a matter of time before they arrive here. I wonder if there is a bird or other critter that eats them??
Your garden looks so nice. It almost makes me want to install a watering system. I think your garden looked good before the watering system but it is outstanding with it.
The hummingbirds are fledged and have moved into the garden. It is fun to see them feeding at all the blooms here.
Good luck with your wimpy pee gee standard. I hope when you get it in the ground it will flourish for you. I think they look so handsome.
I am having to cut back an oak leaf hydrangea as it is getting huge. It is overshadowing all around it. Why did I plant it where I planted it is beyond all considerations. Geez I am dangerous.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Oh, I know. I need to get out again with my neem oil, too. And also the rabbit repellent. Thanks for the reminder. Your garden is lovely.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Kris ;-) I was hoping I wouldn't have a huge problem but that was a dream ? LOL .. they tend to get worse as the season rolls on and I missed the cues, my bad. I have no grass in the back garden and it seems they(bunnies) don't really like anything I have there .. so far ?
This little guy was truly little .. we couldn't help but smile at him/her ?

Hi Margaret .. the red lily beetle is a complete BEAST ! it is right there with aphids and earwigs (my HIT list) It is so hard to imagine what our weather will be like from day to day let alone week or month increments .. don't beat yourself up on timing of planting things. I know, I have been there too .. my poor little hydrangea in a pot is paying the price for my wacky reasoning ? haha

Hello Lisa girl;-) Yes I keep thinking is there a natural enemy for these beetles .. I have lots of birds in the garden, I know they work hard picking out pests but I wonder if the beetles taste bitter or something so they aren't as attractive to them.
Thanks about the garden .. one quirk about the watering system ? .. it helps weeds grow fast too ! LOL
I would love to see those hummingbird babies ! they must be amazing to watch, so tiny yet so powerful with how they can fly.
I will be relieved when I get Pee Gee in the ground and sort some other major plants out too .. lots to do.
Funny enough I had no luck with oakleaf ones .. it must love you ? LOL . I get it about "why did I plant that there ?" ..

Hi Beth and thanks ... I have plenty of the neem oil .. I was SO set during winter to be on guard .. and I flopped .. maybe it was all the rain we got ? any excuse I can muster up ?

Snowbird said...

What a stunning white lily, just gorgeous! I have some pretty ones this year although their leaves have been chomped by the red devils! What a pretty hydrangea and vibrant day lilies. How wonderful everything is looking. Ahh bless that little bunny, how cute. Hahaha I love how you are encroaching on your neighbours

Hoover Boo said...

Your garden so green and lush--really enjoy seeing it. Here there is always brown foliage no matter what, because it's so dry. Your brown is the bunny, not the foliage.

Very sorry to hear about lily beetles. Your white "tiger" lily is particular spectacular. We have the Chili Thrips that destroy roses now--perhaps that would be our equivalent scourge, so I know it's a sad frustration.

Best wishes for garden beauty! Thank you for sharing yours in this post.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there YOU ;-) Funny how a plain white lily can be such a great foil to plants in the garden right ?Garden PA spotted our little bunny yesterday again .. so I think it is feeling pretty safe in the gardens .. he/she hasn't been eating any of my plants so I have no problem with the little one. If it wasn't for the sprinklers I don't think I would have much of a garden .. I am grateful to technology !! LOL .. Yes .. my neighbor is a sweet soul !

Thank you HB ;-) Thank you ! Yup my bunny is the brown bit to the garden so far ? haha
I do love the white tiger lily .. has a wildness about it I think.
Chili thrips .. almost sounded like some sort of food dish .. I have never heard of them .. but I guess no matter where you go there is a scourge present in every garden that we battle.
Roll on Autumn !

Jason said...

Your white lilies are absolutely gorgeous, sorry you have to contend with the beetles. I count myself extremely lucky that they have not yet shown up in our garden.

Nadezda said...

Lovely photos Joy, your lilies are beautiful. I also like to see your path between houses, how it changes depending on the season, how many new plants are there. Did this bunny eat your flowers? I learned they love the new sprouts.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jason and thank you ! Yes those beetles are brutal with the lilies but I also fell behind in using the neem oil, so that is on me sadly .. I wish I could give up lilies but it is hard ? I hope you won't have to contend with the beetles Jason .. they are vicious little creatures ! LOL

Thank you Nadezda ;-) Yes the plants are changing as the summer progresses I am guilty of wishing for Autumn so much sooner than it will come. I'm not much of a summer person any more. Our bunny has been very good for now, nothing eaten up yet .. I don't mind in any case .. we share this earth .. it isn't mine alone .. sorry about your sprouts though .. it must be a bit frustrating.