Tuesday, 27 July 2021

A struggle ....

White Oriental Roselily Corolla has been an amazing beauty this year .. I feel guilty for not keeping up with the neem oil spray to protect it even further. It has put on a beautiful show in the garden and I had to cut a stalk or two to bring into the house .. it is still going strong and gives off a unusual scent that Garden PA says smells like cinnamon .. I'm not sure myself but what ever the scent is the flowers shine.
It is so beautiful it almost looks artificial , the beetle damage hits home to the reality of it being natural and a victim of beetle bites ? .. I am a fan of the "no" pollen type of lily

 Details with a filipendula flower caught my eye, especially with the little hoverfly.
A hot pink flower with some interesting seed heads drying out on this clematis.
Delft Lace astilbe is coming into it's own now. It is a later season astilbe and is very pretty with its dark red stems through out the foliage. The soft pink flower blends in nicely with the other plants.

Little Lamb hydrangea is blooming out quickly. I have to watch for the right moment when it starts to go pink/rose so I can dry some flowers to look at this winter.
My gaggle of geese are so quick right now I almost have to start dead heading to keep the fresh flowers blooming. I don't know what it is but they make me laugh when I see them .. 
I really think of beautiful plump white geese in a gaggle.
They almost look like they are talking to each other ?

A little gaggle snuck into the back garden by the Ostrich ferns and giant grass. 
That is tough competition to survive !
Talking about tough I have another volunteer Japanese Painted fern growing in-between the stones. 
You have to like that right ?
There was an amazing cloud mass last night . I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of it even though I knew the low light would not do it justice for what my eyes saw.
Almost like a bomb blast but thankfully no huge thunder storm happened.


Snowbird said...

That lily is simply heavenly, how lovely to have it indoors in a vase too. You have so many beautiful blooms right now. I'm loving the name, "gaggle of geese" how appropriate. OMG, that cloud looks like an atom bomb! Amazing!xxx

Phillip Oliver said...

It is a stunning lily!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You went from a cloud of lovely lilies to clouds in the sky. Everything in between is just as marvelous. The only Japanese fern that does well in my garden is 'Ghost'. I love the painted ones but they just don't seem to like it here. I have several dotted around but they merely linger in a small way. That clematis, is it as red as it appears in your photo? I have looked for a true red for years and haven't found one. I love the gaggle of geese running through the garden too. They are a cheerful and non complaining plant.

Alistair said...

Joy,The Oriental Roselily I have not seen it before, it is magnificent.

Kris Peterson said...

I'd love a double-petaled lily like that but sadly the Oriental lilies, bred from Japanese species, aren't recommended for my climate. Your Astilbe and Lysimachia are beautiful as well but a check of my garden guide confirmed my suspicions that they'd need more water than they'd get here. I've seen Astilbe sold here occasionally in early spring but never the goose neck shrub, which I assume is a sign of its viability. Your cloud photos are magnificent. I've seen similar clouds to our east along the mountains, the product of the monsoonal moisture bringing rain (as well as flash floods) to the desert and mountain areas but the clouds I see are tinged a dirty gray-brown, thanks to our abundant smog.

Hoover Boo said...

Wow--what a cloud, and what a glorious lily! Enjoyed all the beauties you photographed for this post.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there YOU ;-) This has been a remarkable lily not only in the garden but still going strong in a vase .. I am in love with it ! Yes my gaggle of geese make me smile when I see them .. good for comic relief . That cloud was amazing to see, it gave me chills in fact.

Thank you Phillip .. I am only glad it chose to truly enjoy itself in my garden and bloom so beautifully !

Hello Lisa girl ;-) I also have Ghost in the front and back gardens and I love it for it's pale beauty. I wonder why the Painted ones won't thrive for you .. they pop up here in the most unusual places it surprises me ! This clematis is Madam Julia Correvon but she is a hot pink or rose .. a true red clematis would be Niobe which I have grown before and it was spectacular (I have to find it again!) Yes my geese are fun to see ;-)

Hello Alistair this is my favorite now .. I used to say Casa Blanca was but now I can't deny this beauty for being first on my favorite list.

Hello Kris .. I'm sorry this one won't survive your zone .. it is remarkable. Even though we can go without rain for quite a long time , we don't meet your match for dryness so I understand there are so many plants that would not do well there .. but you have so many exotic looking ones that do they are truly noteworthy !
Thank you so much about the cloud photo .. it gave me chills watching it .. we have had spectacular sunsets as I have been told .. I don't have a western view. They are caused by incidental smoke that we have been getting from forest fires sadly .. I wish I could have seen some though .. sunsets that is ? LOL

Alana said...

What a gorgeous lily you have. Cinnamon scent...hmm, I wonder what it would be like for me. some lilies smell like garbage to me (so do Ziva paperwhites and some lilacs and I have read that is genetic) and I try to stick to day lilies. So beautiful but not as cut flowers, alas. I may have that same astilbe but its name is lost in the mists of time, along with every other perennial I own.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Alana ! Thank you ;-) I know what you mean about how an individual can smell different scents from lilies .. paperwhites make him sneeze like mad. I like daylilies too but yes sadly they don't make a good cut flower .. and funny enough I rarely cut my flowers because I fear ants will come with them too ? haha .. and yes ! .. I have a few rouge plants I have lost the names to as well .. and I supposedly keep a journal ?

HB ! I think you got lost in the comment row some how ? LOL ... thanks for dropping by, and yes that cloud was striking indeed !

Margaret said...

The lily is glorious! I'm hoping to get some Japanese painted ferns into the garden at some point - how are they in your garden in terms of spread? Are they easy to pull out if they go out of bounds? I've been dealing with removing a variety of invasive plants over the past few years (I loved sweet woodruff until it TOTALLY took over a bed - ugh!) and the last thing I want to do is introduce something that I later regret!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Margaret ! I am totally in love with this one .. I have tried growing it before but some how it was not taking but now I have a couple of them and I need to make sure they are in the right place now so I can cut more flowers next year.
My Japanese Painted ferns don't exactly "spread" but now I am finding a few babies in the most odd places, as in pure rock and gravel in full sun .. not what they are supposed to like.
But a hard NO on being invasive .. you won't have a problem with them at all.
I have some sweet woodruff too and I am keeping an eye on it ! LOL

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Beautiful cloud display! And, wow, yes that lily does almost look artificial. It is gorgeous! Your other blooms are spectacular, too. :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Beth .. Thank you ! those clouds were stunning especially since I have very little "sky" view.
Yes .. if you didn't see the foliage with the beetle damage ? .. you would think "no way !" LOL

Jason said...

Beautiful shots of flowers and clouds. Is the gooseneck loosestrife super aggressive?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Jason , I was lucky with catching those amazing clouds. I explained about the loosestrife in a comment with your last post .. that was a great visit to that really unusual garden !

RobinL said...

I don’t normally grow many white flowers because they’re hard to photograph, but when I see white gardens, I’m always so impressed. Perhaps I should break down and plant more white flowers?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Robin girl .. You should break down and plant white flowers because there is nothing like them for shinning a bright spot in gardens and complimenting other plants around them.
I have had a vase full of different white lilies for three weeks now .. they last so long.
My advice is "just do it !" LOL

Nadezda said...

Hello Joy,
this lily is stunning! I also love your blooming hydrangeas, red clematis. By the way I have the same clematis, it's very hardy and blooms for a long time. Do not know the name of variety. Do you know?
Happy August!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi there Nadezda
I am very impressed with this lily and need to move some that are too far away from a safer area so I can keep an eye on them with the neem oil for next year because they are so darn gorgeous ! The clematis is Madame Julia Correvon and yes she is very hardy indeed !
August is a hard month on the garden and it does not look any where near it's best, can't wait for October ? LOL

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

You have some beauties there, Joy! I do love white flowers in the garden; they can bring some grace and class to any garden :):)!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Tatyana and thank you ! I have a thing for white flowers .. I always wanted to do a total moon garden but it is impossible really .. so I do the best I can with spot light ones ?
There is just something about white as you actually describe ! LOL

RobinL said...

You do so well at using the ever classy white in the garden. Those lilies really are stunning! My lilies are long gone by now. It’s funny, I posted a similar thunderhead looking cloud, but it didn’t storm on me either. Hurricane Ida came yesterday, but brought only rain this far north, a welcome three inches!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Robin ... I haven't posted in a while too much going on but thank you for stopping by !
I love white and I especially love these double rose lilies . That thunder cloud was amazing but nothing ever happened with it thankfully. I'm glad Ida didn't do any damage to you .. so many places were hit so hard though .. between fires and hurricanes it really is astounding.