Saturday, 4 September 2021

September is a Shy Month

 September seems to be a shy month to me .. slowly dialing the light back bit by bit.

My vines are feeling confident that they can creep along anywhere . This is not a well used birdhouse sadly but the wood is a pretty contrast to that green vine which will be turning all sorts of oranges and reds not too long from now.

I finally got to see a hummingbird have it's way with Mrs. Harvey clematis. It was fantastic to watch it buzz in and out of the blue bells with amazing efficiency , but I think there was an element of fun for it as well. I highly recommend Mrs. Harvey for a very long bloom time with the added bonus of being a hummingbird magnet ?
One of my favorite late summer early Autumn flowers is a double anemone .. I think this is a "Party Dress" type in deep pink ... loaded with buds .. a blooming machine !

I transplanted "At Last" rose and it is finally smiling .. I was a bit worried that it would shut down blooming to adjust and feel at home in it's new spot in the garden. I'm so glad to see those gorgeous roses again.
I have transplanted " Julia Child " way too many times and for some reason she has stuck it out for me.
All that bright gold is an eye full , it helps with the wind down of the garden. You get to have that last glorious blast of colour .
This was a dull day picture , and indeed this view looks very dull after the riot of colour it produced.
However I know the hidden potential that is sleeping here and this view will be gorgeous once again.

Joe Pye, to the right of the picture, has been buzzing with activity. It is such a favorite of the pollinators and I am glad I kept it for them. Rozanne geranium, dots the pictures with a touch of blue. Another great workhorse in the garden that I like and recommend. It can sprawl but just give it some support and it will look fine. I use it to surround the lower part of my Fringe Tree aka Chionanthus virginicus
One last shot of "At Last" .. it is mesmerizing me because of that center light, it looks as if it is glowing.


Kris Peterson said...

To my eyes, your September garden looks remarkably colorful and green. In contrast, many sections of mine are an unintended shade of brown now. I love Geranium 'Rozanne' and grew it in my former garden but it hated conditions in my current garden just 15 miles south and promptly packed its bags (twice). We've had some stretches that felt like fall here (i.e. SoCal-style fall) but summer keeps roaring back, as is the case this weekend. My Dahlias, though still relatively few in number, were looking good earlier this week but they're decidedly sorry-looking today.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Good morning Joy, Your garden is winding down beautifully. I think the garden is preparing us for the actual melt down. It slowly loses color and then we calmly enter into the winter season. I actually love this time of year.
I am going to have to source out that clematis. I lost one that had pink bells. She was so pretty but I think she didn't like the competition she had surrounding her.
I have thought about getting one of those fringe trees before too. Maybe I will run into one sometime soon and get it into the ground. I planted a persimmon tree yesterday. The fruit of that tree is unusual and tasty. I wonder if I will live to eat the fruit. I don't know how many years it takes for it to produce the fruit but I am looking forward to it.
Have a great week ahead.

Su with no e said...

"At Last" is wonderful - I would like to add it to my garden. That color is my favorite.

Nadezda said...

Hello Joy,
I agree, September is such a modest month, the days are getting shorter and shorter. Love your double anemones, they are so pretty. The bright gold color looks great especially under cloudy autumn skies. Take care of yourself, hugs!

Beth at PlantPostings said...

An interesting way to look at September...I get what you mean. I would say October is like that, too, with the light, but then the colors of October are so extroverted. Your walkways are fabulous. Isn't 'At Last' wonderful?!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Kris ! .. You gave me a great giggle about Rozanne packing her bags "twice" ! LOL
It can take only a day to make things look bedraggled here too .. lots of wind wicking the moisture out of the soil and beating up the plants .. but I can't complain because so far we are slowly dipping our toes into Autumn like weather and it is wonderful ! Sorry about your unintended "brown" .. I know you have a difficult time with heat and water.

Hello there Lisa girl ! This is my favorite time of year too .. the cooler evenings .. the crickets .. now if only I had a few singing frogs ? LOL
I am always amazed at Mrs. Harvey, she really hangs in there .. I wonder what typw you had that had pink bells ! That must have been beautiful !
I have never tried a persimmon .. I would like to know what they taste like. Hey , you WILL live to know what your own persimmons taste like girl ;-)
I have a tiny witch hazel try I would like to see mature I am hanging in to see that !
It has been a nice quiet long weekend , hope yours was good too !
Stay well and safe !

Hello Su with no e ! Yes, At Last has gone through too many transplantings so I have been amazed she has stuck with me .. hopefully we will both be happy now ! LOL

Nadezda hello there ;-) Your bounty of fruit and veggies is amazing ! Your temps are just a bit cooler than ours but yes .. I love Autumn and I don't mind the change at all. I think that as well about bright colours under a cloudy sky ;-)
Take care and stay well !

Hi Beth and thank you !.. Yup September and October just quietly take over but I also get your point about October being more extroverted with that bang ! of Autumn leaves .. I love that look.
I haven't been the best plant parent to At Last rose but I think we are both coming around .. I do love it to bits ! What colours and scent it has is wonderful .. I could keep taking photos of it all day with the light change.

Margaret said...

I actually love the view down your pathway - it's full of texture and foliar colour! I look forward to fall, especially when the summer has been unbearably hot, like it has this year. It's that time of year when I button up projects and start to dream about what I'll do next year. P.S. 'At Last' hasn't really loved my garden, unfortunately - it's still hanging in there but it's tiny & doesn't seem to withstand our winters as well as, oddly enough, the Austin rose that's rated 1 or 2 zones higher & in the same bed.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Margaret ! It has come a long way since we moved in the house .
I am so ready for Fall too and I want to get the garden in shape (do those transplants now instead of putting them off till snowflakes fly ? LOL) .. it will be easier with fewer bulbs to plant this time !
I'm sorry At Last isn't behaving well for you .. I am darn lucky it has stayed alive for me because I transplanted it so many times .. same with Julia Child .. I am just LUCKY !! LOL
Maybe next year it will fill out more and look wonderful for you !

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rehana and thank you ... your blog is very thoughtful and peaceful .

Snowbird said...

Oh, how quickly the days are drawing in now. Lucky you having hummingbirds and a banquet for them. I'm just loving that double anemone and those delightful roses. You have such a beautiful garden, it's always a pleasure to

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Snowbird ;-) and thank you so much !
I was so surprised to see that hummingbird have such a great time with Mrs Harvey .. that was the first time seeing such cute action ! I have a thing for my anemone too .. really are party dresses of the Autumn ? LOL

Alistair said...

Joy, your shy September garden is calling out, (take a look at me now). Makes me think of yourself when you first started your blog, a number of years ago. You kind of portrayed yourself self-deprecating, take a look at you now, a truly wonderful gardener with a beautiful garden. Alistair

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Alistair you are so kind , thank you !
It seems ages ago when I first started this blog, and I had such modest garden areas ..
You have started so many gardens and moved on to create new ones yourself .. do you see how you have changed as well? Gardening not only changes your property(s) but it changes us as people and gardeners .. I would like to say I am more patient and wise about plants but I still have that impatient feeling of wanting to see how plants will turn out now, rather than later ? LOL

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Joy, I like your plants! And, I like your side garden. It's not always easy to make a narrow space attractive, but yours looks very nice!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Tatyana ! It has been a slow but steady project .. now I am editing plants to make it easier to look after with old age creeping in ! LOL