Friday, 13 May 2022

It's Just Not Right

 It wasn't even 7 AM when the temperature outside reached 20 C ... we have swung from a cool wet sort of Spring to a HEAT wave ... the garden is drying up .. the sprinkler system has to be turned on by the company .. Note to self, beg and sniffle on the phone explaining the city inspection is backed up and my gardens are coughing up dust ?

Mean while just before this "negative nelly" gets too lost in her complaints (whoops I forgot ... I only have half the garden mulched as of yet .. last complaint I promise .. maybe) ... here are a few pictures BEFORE the heat hit. I have to say the growth from this heat has been beyond the Twilight Zone .. pictures of that later on.

I have a thing for Bladder Berry fern .. red stems and such a pretty fresh green

Darwin series tulip has been the most reliable to come through each Spring

I have a thing for epimedium , especially Niveum .. those delicate white flowers are so beautiful.
My gargoyle is still watching the back garden for me .. he really is an ancient garden guardian 
To think they used to cuddle together on the top bed with room to spare !

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