Friday, 13 May 2022

It's Just Not Right

 It wasn't even 7 AM when the temperature outside reached 20 C ... we have swung from a cool wet sort of Spring to a HEAT wave ... the garden is drying up .. the sprinkler system has to be turned on by the company .. Note to self, beg and sniffle on the phone explaining the city inspection is backed up and my gardens are coughing up dust ?

Mean while just before this "negative nelly" gets too lost in her complaints (whoops I forgot ... I only have half the garden mulched as of yet .. last complaint I promise .. maybe) ... here are a few pictures BEFORE the heat hit. I have to say the growth from this heat has been beyond the Twilight Zone .. pictures of that later on.

I have a thing for Bladder Berry fern .. red stems and such a pretty fresh green

Darwin series tulip has been the most reliable to come through each Spring

I have a thing for epimedium , especially Niveum .. those delicate white flowers are so beautiful.
My gargoyle is still watching the back garden for me .. he really is an ancient garden guardian 
To think they used to cuddle together on the top bed with room to spare !


Kris Peterson said...

All the bulb blooms and ferns look magnificent, CGJ. I hope your heat spell doesn't last long. We had a rash of brief heatwaves and low humidity, beginning even before spring officially arrived, so I know the pain of that experience. Another one is starting today - it's barely noon now and it's 85F (29C) here already. Why does your water company have to turn on your irrigation?

Your photo of the kittens (teenagers now?) brought tears to my eyes. I have a photo of my Lynx Point brothers, Max & Ming, in a nearly identical pose in my home office.

Lea said...

Pretty flowers!
Beautiful cats!
Have a blessed day!

Phillip Oliver said...

I had to look up 20c (haha) - 68 degrees? That is a nice temperature, no? Anything under 75 suits me.

Snowbird said...

Oh, climate change has much to answer for! Your spring garden is looking delightful, especially those tulips. I love the gargoyle. Goodness, the kitties sure are looking all grown up! They are

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Kris .. the spell didn't last long and now we are in cooler wetter weather which is great for the garden. Our water company maintains the system for us so they flush and shut it down in the late Autumn , then flush and check the stations in the Spring .. all we do is set the timer and take it from there. I understand how you feel Kris ... I see Sophie in Gracie and it some times makes my heart squeeze a little too tight. Willow is a breed I haven't had before and it is amazing to see them as sisters when they look so different .. so smart and so funny.

Thanks very much for stopping by Lea ;-)

Phillip , that was too funny : ) yes 20 is a good temp for me especially if the humidity isn't too high .. so I will take that gladly !

Hello there YOU ! ;-) ... yes climate change is definitely something I think about almost every day .. how can a gardener ignore it right ? At this point and time(May 22) ... the garden has lept forward so much it is almost unrecognizable .. the miraculous growth is almost visible in real time .. It is one of my favorite gargoyles .. I would love MORE of them ! .. Yes the girls are not yet one year and they seem like adult cats to us .. the grow like weeds too ? LOL

Nadezda said...

I love seeing the way your cats sleep on the shelves, Joy. They are pretty ones. Your garden blooms colorful, lovely tulips.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl ! I just stopped by your place and loved the post you did on Delft ware !
I have a weak spot for that beautiful pottery myself and have a few pieces .. but I wish I had taken a tour like you did to buy more to remind me of that pretty town .. wonderful post to begin my day with .. blue and white ! LOL

Buttons alias Grace said...

I see you are still at it Joy. We made it through Covid 😊 Beautiful gardens . The rain today will go a long way.. Take care. G

RobinL said...

Wasn’t that heat wave something else? I was in Michigan at the Tulip festival, which is usually chilly. Instead, it was 87, and I wasn’t happy! Love those tulips of yours, of course.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Grace and congratulations on your book ! I love the title of course ;-)
Yes ... I do appreciate the rain ... and so far we have dodged the Covid bullet .. hope to keep it that way. Glad to see you girl and the new blog look ! Stay safe and healthy !

Robin your post was so colourful and of course beautiful ! Tulips galore along with such gorgeous photos of the festival, your gardens and containers and that glorious BEACH with the sunset ... my favorites ! ... Really loved that ceramic butterfly laying in the garden.