Monday, 24 August 2009

Signs of Autumn ?

I am still waiting for the spectacular red sunrises I have been missing all summer.
These cloud puffs against a vivid blue upper sky aren't too hard on the eyes however.
I bet you thought I was going to be all business and NO silly stuff, right ?
Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! I yet again captured an ALIEN "fly-guy" communicating with the home world on top of one of my echinacea .. the nerve .. go get your own phone !!!
Next we have moon-man .. well quarter ? moon-man ? and a show case for my favorite Autumn flower .... if you have had enough of my helenium, just keep scrolling down .. but you are going to miss some great pictures of them ;-)

See what I mean ? ... gorgeous ! aren't they ??

Come on ... you know you needed to see these didn't you !
.... and now for something completely different ...
Hamlin ornamental dwarf grass with its long q-tip flowers !!
They look like little squiggly worms right ?
My young Karly Rose that replaced the old , toe curled up on it grass .. lots of room to grow yet.
It will look just as beautiful I hope ?
I know you know the black rattles of the baptisia .. but surprisingly the Southern Bush Honeysuckle looks like it might just flower again ? It has beautiful colour even without flowers but I am curious to see them.

TES .. as shared with Gail .. its first year is a bit of a tame one .. but I am sure it will make up for it by next year .. right Gail ???

Last is the above .. something new for me this year .. Sweet Autumn clematis .. I have it over the arbor gate in the shared space .. and over an arbor in the back garden .. it probably is thinking I am a very bad gardener since it needs some watering .. the guilt pangs are digging in .. but I'm dead tired and I have to flop on my bed now .. not even 7 PM .. now how sad is that ?

Hey ... don't forget .. we are getting closer to Halloween !!!! ;-)


CiNdEe said...

Beautiful pictures(-: I am waiting for some rain here. I hope it comes soon we are drying up like the desert)-:

Anonymous said...

Your helenium is very Halloweeny, Joy! What beautiful colouring it has. I'm exhausted, too -- I think a lot of my trouble (along with the ever-present FM) is that the heat and humidity of last week just zapped every ounce of energy I had. It'll take days to recover from that bout. :) Rest up!

tina said...

Those helenium sure are you! I enjoyed the pictures-all.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I enjoyed looking at all the helenium and other photos. I don't think my autumn joy clematis has buds yet. I'll have to pay attention in the morning.

I am not anywhere ready for fall to be here, though!

Gail said...

Hey there...We have many hills in our neighborhood, but one that is famous for sleighing...back when we used to get snow. But coming down that hill we can see a perfect sky and there it was Joy...the red sky at night we have been waiting for! You would have loved it. Naturally, i left my camera at home!

My TESS looks exactly like yours! I hope it survives the winter and doubles in height! I want some presence; it's too tame now! We might need to watch what we wish for!

I hear you on the tired and going to bed early. Go to bed! Believe me, you can't kill the Sweet Autumn can wait until tomorrow to get watered!

Speaking of sleep...I am heading there now! gail

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

I can't wait to see you on Halloween's postings. That Helenium is really really cool!!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Green fly! I haven't seen green flies for ages! OMG, is it normal, to be glad to see a green fly? I just love the green color...

Anonymous said...

Hi Joy~~ Nice flowers. I hate to think that our summer is winding down.

Pat said...

Can't get enough of your helenium.
Too darn attractive.
So healthy and love the color.
Signs of fall...makes me feel blue. Feel like the summer just started !

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Cindee girl ! We were hoping for some rain here too .. it was so oppressive with the still air/heat/humidity thing .. no matter how long I live here I will never adjust to this stuff .. yuck !! : )

Nancy girl it is my official "Halloween Flower" : )
Nancy that is so true with the FM and this type of weather .. I battle it every summer as I try to get the garden to a certain pint and keep it running. It gets harder every year and now I have yet another condition to ad to the growing list .. but I focus on the garden for all of the pleasure it can give me to get through it all. How did "Bill" behave there ?

Thanks Tina .. I am going to get more of these gorgeous guys for sure !!

Thanks you so much Sue ! .. Sweet Autumn is new to me so I am really looking forward to seeing how it does .. one has almost full sun the other more shade .. both are doing very well : )
I'm "getting" ready for Autumn ? LOL

Gail girl !! I so wish I could have seen that red sky : ) .. we had a huge hill called "Blueberry Hill" when I was a kid in Nova Scotia .. we were in a town (almost a village it was so small)on the Atlantic coast .. it was one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth for me : )
YES ! I hope our TES really springs forward come Spring .. I want her/him ? TALL too !!
Hope you got a good night's sleep girl : )

Janet girl .. I get so excited .. then something like a flu bug happens or what not and my postings fall flat after all my enthusiasm .. but I try really hard ? LOL

Tatyana I am fascinated by these flies too girl ! I can't believe the colour they can be .. like flying jewels ? So I am with you on looking at these tiny creatures as AMAZING ! LOL

Grace girl .. maybe a 12 step program to help you accept Autumn and HALLOWEENNNNNN !!! hehehehe
Come on girl .. you know you need a break from that heat ... right ? LOL

Patsi .. My season was so screwed up with waiting for the deck and shed to be built .. I feel I missed Spring (or what we have of it) completely .. summer just ploughed me under .. so Autumn is my refuge ? Hey did you see TB ? Sookie has new powers and finally they are going to stop Mary Anne ??

Sunita Mohan said...

Wow! your heleniums are so vibrant! No wonder the Moon-man is smiling.
Lovely photos, Joy! :)

Carrie said...

Really lovely photos today again. Sort of an anidote to the crappiness that is the end of summer. Where did it go, I don't think we had one!

garden girl said...

I'd never suspect you of avoiding the silly stuff Joy!

I LOVE Sweet Autumn clematis. I'm tempted to let one climb up one of the silver maples here. I had them climbing the fence around the shady side garden at my last house - they are beautiful, smell so sweet, and are VERY vigorous.

Curmudgeon said...

Not the "A" word!!! Despite all the heat we've had my tomatoes are still GREEN. And my squash got PM anyway. I'm in total denial about the fact that now when I finish teaching at 9 pm it's completely dark out. Just a few weeks ago I'd get done and still have a good half hour of romp time with Diva Dog and sky watching time with Wing Nut. I'm not ready for Autumn! Aacckk!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Sunita .. this poor plant is totally neglected most of the year and then BANG ! it puts on the most fantastic show .. I love it to pieces : )

Carrie girl .. I don't think you had much of a summer either .. is it always that bad ? do ever get a good warm clear summer ? is the weather turning worse each year ? .. I am so nosy aren't I ?? LOL

Hi there Linda ! .. this is my first year with SA .. and it is doing well even without the watering I should help it out with .. I am so looking forward to seeing and smelling those flowers everyone talks about : )
Silly Stuff is ME !!

Curmudgeon .. if I use the word "fall" with a small "f" would it sting any the less ? I feel guilty for rushing it but I am so ready to finish the chores .. I feel badly about PM .. I have had to wrestle with that monster at times too and it usually wins .. rotten mildew monster !!
What about sharing the night sky with WN and the assorted crew ? there has to be some stars and a moon ? to admire in there some where ?? LOL

Deborah At Kilbourne Grove said...

Joy, I had a sweet autumn on an arbour when I lived in Kingston. It was so fragrant that my neighbours would ask me what that wonderful smell was. Just loved it.
When I was touring different gardens in your area 2 weekends ago, a few of them had planted Tiger Eye sumac a couple of years ago. Both of them had little babies at their feet! So watch for seedlings.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Deborah : )
I am really looking forward to smelling SA .. it grew very well for a first year plant too.
Sumac have that trait .. they want to populate the garden and keep trying no matter how often you stomp your foot and pull the naughty children out ? LOL .. but it is the price I pay for a very pretty specimen .. besides .. I need the exercise ?? hehehe

VW said...

Our evenings are starting to feel chilly and autumnesque. It makes me a bit sad. I wouldn't mind if winter wasn't SO LONG. I've been mulling over sweet autumn clematis, but won't have a place for it for a few years. Enjoy the fragrance for me this year!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there VW .. I understand what you mean .. and I bet you wouldn't trade your winter for ours here ? LOL .. if it wasn't so long .. BIG sigh ! But it gives us to time plane and dream of what great things we can do in our garden , right ? LOL
I am thinking this is going to be a great work vine for me : )

Carrie said...

Our summers can be a lot better, have been a lot better and darn well should be A LOT BETTER. This year was wick, hardly any sun and just raining all the time. Blight everywhere, plants blotting all over the show because it's cold, then warm, then wet. Oh, the only good thing has been the beans, they love this weather. But I know what you mean, I do live in Ireland, I am used to rain, but not just soooooo much aaaalllll summer long !!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Carrie girl .. I hear with about the never ending drizzle/rain thing. I remember summers from my childhood in a little place called Louisbourg, on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia .. and talk about rain with fog .. but as a kid I loved it no matter what went on because we played so simply back then.
But .. now as gardeners we pray for good weather so we can enjoy our gardens all the more ? .. the weather that kills me here is the heat/humidity .. because it might be sunny (in a hazy way) but it is so oppressive you can't stay out very long .. we can never have the dial set at "just right" can we ? LOL ... damn !! ;-)