Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Sunrise .. The Moon .. and the Spider

Sunrises are not yet those dramatic red ones I am waiting for .. but there have been very unusual ones all the same.
This was a couple of mornings ago when the morning was clean and fresh and bright with the sunrise to the left and the moon over head to the right .. so bright it was amazing !

You have to really LOOK to see something special here .. I find it hard to believe such a tiny creature could manufacture such an engineering feat of a web between both handrails to the deck steps ...
Can you see it ?Look closer !
This tiny work of wonder still has me in awe of it .. I wished I could do something like that ? LOL


Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

At first I couldn't see anything in the first picture (well not anything spider web related) but after seeing the next two amazing closeups I can now see the spider in the first picture. Spider webs fascinate me too, how do they do that, in just a few hours.

Darlene said...

Look at your moon pictures!!!!! AMAZING!! Oh, I too love looking at spider webs...they are incredible works of art to me.

Gail said...

Beautiful shots Joy ...We've had clouds and the moon has been absent before I go to sleep. I've noticed the spiders more in the garden~~a sure sign that fall is not too far away. gail

Jan said...

Great shot of the spider and her lovely web of home-spun silk! They are amazing creatures. It looks like a pretty big web there! Just be glad you didn't walk through it and find it all in your hair, with Ms. Spider crawling somewhere on you, maybe down your neck;-) Eek! (I love looking but not touching)

easygardener said...

Spider's webs are amazing but I wish they wouldn't spin across pathways - I feel guilty at breaking them. Lovely picture of the moon by the way.

Sunita Mohan said...

I love that time of day when the moon is still picking up her shoes, Cinderella-style. And the sun is still a bit too sleepy to hurry her along.
Spider-webs are such amazing creations, aren't they? But I'd rather see the web than the spider, I'm afraid :P

gittan said...

Wow! Those pictures of the moon in daylight are just great! I managed to get some god night pictures when the moon was full last week. It's greaat fun to play wth the camera at night to =)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Linda (when are you coming to Kingston girl ? : ) I think it is a small miracle every time I see webs .. especially this one which is quite wide apart with the stair header .. one tiny spider did THAT !!

Hello there Darlene girl ! my goodness you have been here twice lately (nothing else to do right ?? hehehe .. hey .. Halloween is coming !!) YES ! webs are truly works of art in nature .. I love seeing them and being able to avoid them so I don't mess them up ? LOL

Gail girl , I think you are right .. Autumn is creeping along .. testing the waters with her toe ! LOL
The moon was so bright again this morning but far away over head .. can't wait to see those gorgeous ones in the Fall .. big yellow moons : )

Jan I have "been there, done that" with the web thing .. eeeuuuwww !
I hate to wreck them for the poor little spider who has worked so hard .. so being more mindful and LOOKING is key to me ! haha

Hello EG ! Thank you : ) .. I feel guilty too when I break a web .. they pick up a lot of nasty bugs I want out of the garden so the job they do for me is very appreciated indeed !

Sunita girl ! hello there ! .. I love that description of the moon picking up her slippers .. it was beautiful again this morning .. I opened the deck door (left the screen closed) so the girls and I could appreciate the beautiful morning air : ) It was wonderful !

gittan ! I want to be able to take evening pictures too ! Have you any pointers to help set the camera up right ? .. Harvest moons in late September and October should be beautiful if the weather is good and clear : )

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

What wonderful shots of the moon and spiderweb... both beautiful, one so far and one so macro! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots, Joy! While I give the spider his/her due for such a wonderful feat of engineering, you can keep him/her. :-) Scared to death of them.

Randy said...

You and Pam at Digging always have the very best moon shots! I just can’t seem to get them! As for the spider well I’m sorry, but I would squish him at my house. I am not a fan of spiders. :-o Jamie, gets on to me when I do that at our house.--Randy

Anonymous said...

Be careful of spiders, Joy. I just read in the local newspaper that a woman (while gardening) got bit by a spider and is now in the hospital, almost totally paralyzed.

Cynthia said...

Beautiful photos! Do you knit? I always feel like a spider when I am spinning and winding my yarn. :)

Anonymous said...

Joy ~ Amazing moon shots! Just took a quick trip through your recent postings... absolutely gorgeous gardens, spectacular close-ups of all your backyard flora & fauna. Especially enjoyed the persistent dragonfly, spider and bat. Hope he made his way back home!

How are the girls? It's just that my boys were asking. Lucy's resting up for a hard day at the garden center.

Have you found my garden broadcast on local radio (from Newburyport, MA)? I host The Corliss Garden Show every Sunday from 8-10:00a (eastern time) and we now have live streaming, so anyone, anywhere can listen live and call in with a garden question or comment ~

Lots of garden projects this summer at the 'GardenAuthor' "estate" ~ will have to post all of that when I come up for air.

Love your color scheme, BTW. /Deb

donna said...

Amazing spider web photos. Your resident spider is very talented in webmaking. Now about your moon photos. Are you sure you weren't in a spaceship when you took those pictures? Outstanding.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Monica ! hello there and yes : ) that is the case with this post .. I think you are the only one so far that got "it" LOL
Thank you : )

Nancy girl .. I like them and their art work at a distance too !
They are amazing though .. you have to give them credit for those awesome webs and catching annoying bugs right ? LOL

Randy ! You naughty gardener ! I'm glad Jamie gives you an earful for doing that ! LOL .. hey I don't want them taking over my house .. but you have to think of them as guards to the garden ? .. they catch the bad bugs for us ?
STOP squishing the poor things !!LOL

Rose girl ! I saw a bit on the news about that .. it was a Black Widow .. a lot uncommon .. certainly not this spider .. but it does make you stop and think about it !! How can we not weed or maintain our gardens though ? I wear gloves nearly all the time !!
EEuuuwwwwwwww ! haha

Cynthia hello there ! .. I can only knit a scarf (and that is if I remember how to by now ? LOL) but yes ! that imagery is certainly there .. spinning and knitting !

Hello Deb and thank you so much girl ! My girls are doing well and send their regards to the boys and Lucy Maude !
I had no idea about the radio show .. I will have to try and set it up on my lap top .. that is great girl !!

Donna .. thank you girl : ) .. hummmmm? I might just be on a UFO that drops by once in a while .. then of course I get much better shots out their windows next to the moon ? LOL