Tuesday, 8 September 2009

A Question about Japanese Beetles ?

Hello out there to all of you good little gardeners ... keep up the wonderful work you do (the Great Pumpkin appreciates it ? hehehe) wink wink
OK .. on the serious side of this foggy morning .. and it was incredibly foggy this morning !
sure to have neem oil and newspapers ready for next Spring and the battle I will take on then.
So ... any suggestions for this time of year and what I can do would be VERY APPRECIATED !!
Thanks ! : )


Dave said...

I made a spray with cayenne peppers and a little dish soap. It's worked for deer, caterpillars, and Japanese beetles!

Rose said...

Maybe it's a lack of caffeine yet, but I'm confused. Are you trying to get rid of Japanese beetles? I've seen a few here lately; they should have been gone long ago--maybe they're confused by our cool summer, too.

Loved all the photos you showed on your last post. Your garden certainly doesn't look like autumn! This is my first year for planting purple fountain grass, but it certainly won't be my last.

tina said...

You are asking how to prevent J. beetles next year? There is an organic substance called Milky Spore. It works in the soil to destroy grubs. I always apply it to all of my gardens and-no grubs. The lawn now that is another matter. It is kind of pricey so I've not been good about putting it in my lawn but I need to do so. I think it helps but it takes months for it to begin working. It is organic and will not hurt good things. You dig a small hole(I use a weeding fork) and put a teaspoon in each hole about 5-6 feet apart if I can recall. Anyhow, follow directions. Treat your neighbor's yards too if you can. Otherwise the grubs hatch out and come to your yard.

Louise @ Buddy Garden said...

My garden had a bad infestation with JB last year around July but this year wasn't too bad. It's a little weird that they are around this late of the season. You can try the JB trap or just let them do their thing (hopefully not too much damages) and they should be gone in a few weeks. I also tried to pick them and dunk them in soapy water.

Gail said...

I don't know Joy! I do know that some creature I was never able to find skeletonized most of my Japanese anemone leaves. I am blaming the JB; but maybe it was grasshoppers. They have been too plentiful here this summer. As you can see/read~~I am no help! gail

tina said...

Joy, I got blooms on my waxbells and they are gorgeous!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I just read my own post from this morning and wondered what the heck I was trying to say myself .. DUHHH???
Dear Dave
YES !! I have that spray which also includes Murphy's Oil Soap to help keep the little bug(gers) away .. but I had wondered if there was a preemptive strike to apply now for next year .. I guess not really .. I just have to be ready for next year in the Spring to begin the battle !

Rose girl .. Thank you and you aren't confused .. it was me .. I needed more coffee ? LOL
You wouldn't believe the fog we had this morning girl that confused everybody and every thing ! ;-)
Don't you just love that purple fountain grass ? I just wished it was a perennial here .. BIG sigh !

Tina .. thank you for the information .. I am going to ask around for that product .. Ontario has really clamped down on most chemicals .. they have to be biodegradable and enviro friendly here .. so it will go back to the old kitchen recipes to battle these beetles next Spring.
Take pictures of those flowers girl !! I am still waiting for my buds to open here .. I hope they do because you have me excited about what they will look like !!

Hello Louise ! I just thought there may be some secret to jumping ahead of the beetles in the Autumn .. something to sprinkle or lay down to inhibit them a bit before Spring .. but I will be on the look out for neem oil and try picking the little devils off myself too .. ugh !!!!

Gail girl .. you are always a help so that is a no brainer ? LOL ..We haven't had too many grasshoppers this year .. thank goodness because I am a huge baby and avoid them (I hate it when they jump on you even by mistake .. I run away from them .. now how silly is that ?) .. could also be JBs after your plants too .. I hear they are VERY evil things !! hehehe

Tina .. did you take pictures girl ????

tina said...

They will be on bloom day post. The flowers are thick and kind of waxy. No fragrance though but most yellow!@

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Tina ! I am keeping an eye on mine now .. I really want to see the flowers .. having a scent wasn't a big deal with me .. but from bud to flower is what I would love to take a picture of for sure : )