Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Comment Moderation Problem Anyone

Well, this morning is starting great right off the bat ..
I have 7 comments to reply to, but I can't get into the moderation screen because apparently there is a "bug" in my system .. my husband has been saying "that" for years but the bug is elsewhere .. if anyone has watched "Terms of Endearment" you know where the bug is, as Jack Nicholson expressed it so wonderfully ?

Anyways .. a code bX-lhziiw sort of names the issue going on .. if anyone else has had this happen with Blogger, could you let me in on the secret ? Save a few brain cells for me PLEASE ? THANKS !

Joy : )


Rose said...

No help here at all, Joy; can you turn "comment moderation" off so you can access them then?

I see you are really getting into the Halloween spirit, Joy! The postcards are so cute, but I'd like one of those cookies if you still have any:)

Gail said...

I read that it is a known issue that blogger is working on...You could remove comment moderation until they fix it;) gail

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, then it is probably not much use leaving you a comment about this. But isn't there something on Blogger telling you to send them a message?

Did you try to clear out your cache?

OK that is totally the extent of my computer knowledge. Very limited I am afraid. Hope that all is well soon.


Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

not sure --- hope it is fixed for you soon. can you google the error code and get some answers?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Rose those cookies flew off the pan girl .. no hope what ever ! LOL
I seem to be able to work around it .. I don't know if Blogger is having a "fit" or what .. but I'm still here !

Thanks Gail .. I am working my way around it .. but I was flabbergasted this morning ! Ha !

Hi Jen .. I am working through it .. it might be just a hiccup so far .. I know what you mean about not having a lot of tech knowledge to draw on .. I only have "basic" skills too .. but we manage don't we ? LOL

Janet .. so far they haven't kicked me totally out .. so I am hanging in here working my way through it .. thanks girl !

Jan said...

Hi Joy, Well, I didn't have any problems with Blogger yesterday...but this morning I read 3 comments, (deleted 1 from a spammer--and that worked ok), but published the other 2 and they completely disappeared into thin air...I got a message that it is a 'known' issue and not to send Blogger an email. Meanwhile, I've lost 2 comments:-( I don't think I'm even going to try to publish any until I find out if it's safe or not! As for Halloween, I see you are really getting into 'your month'!! Almost makes me get excited myself (Halloween always depresses me, for some strange reason!)...but looking at it from your perspective and on your blog, actually makes it seem a bit fun;-)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jan girl ! I hope you can find the lighter side of Halloween and enjoy some of the fun parts with us ... I think Jackie has a thing for Autumn and Halloween too .. Carrie cued me in.I have much more decorating to do but the weather swings have been hard on me .. I know you understand that .. Blogger is a strange universe .. I had a few problems earlier this morning then nothing now .. maybe it is mneopausal ? LOL