Thursday, 15 October 2009

October in bits and pieces .....

This could actually be me on a bad hair day .. with either Sophie or Emma tucked under my arm and yes .... the same flannel pajamas ... well, just about ?
I bet you didn't know pumpkins could sew .... neither did "eye" .. as in needle ... come on laugh !
Root veggies seem to be the executive CEO in predictions of your future this time of year ?
.... and this is how pumpkins multiply ! smoochie smoochies !!
OK .. now for some serious thoughts .. wisps ?
Actually the day I shot these sky pictures it was awesome .. the storm .. the eye of said storm and the rainbow ... the clouds that started the race were beautiful .. such as these two below.
Soft gray fingers reaching out to cover the wispy fluffy white ones ..
I think there was thunder way in the back ground some where but it was all moving so fast ..
The rainbow appeared and disappeared so quickly it was making me crazy trying to get pictures. We were in the eye of the storm for just a few minutes and it was a very strange feeling .. almost a small electrical current running through the air.
So now I ponder my own Halloween special effects .. there is nothing so perfect as rustling grass ... tall rustling grass .. next to a pumpkin it is another Halloween icon to me : )
The tops are like that Christmas "angel hair" stuff we used to put on the tree before we knew it was dangerous .. go figure .. something called angel hair was dangerous !!
There are so many different colours in play with this miscanthus "Purple Flame"
A gratuitous fern picture with Mountain Ash berries that have gracefully ? fallen into there arms : ) and one maple leaf .. perfect !
Golden Jubilee hyssop and Autumn Fire sedum (I think) .. they just looked pretty together !
My ivy .. absolutely stunning all over again : )Beautiful ?
..... and up she goes again !
These mushrooms were very sneaky .. they were hiding under the freshly flung ? mulch and popped up over night .. you have to give them credit though .. maybe they are special Halloween mushrooms after all ??


Unknown said...

Your garden looks great!

I have a photo that I'd love to send to you... in the spirit of Halloween. You can drop me a note from my blog so I can email it to you.


Bay Area Tendrils said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for putting it together so perfectly.
Have you had too much chocolate, by the way?
Can we ever have too much chocolate - I think not!!
Please give your furry companions a cuddle from me,

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Your October photos are great. The cards are so cute. And your storm photos are exciting. Love your colored leaves, esp the red ivy!

CiNdEe said...

I love your pictures(-: The mushrooms are so fun I think. They grow overnight and it is always interesting to look at them(-: We had rain here!!! everything is popping back to life! Its so wonderful!

Urban Green said...

Pictures are nice, especially the rainbow and the ivy. Lovely!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi There Cameron .. Thank you ! .. I'll say "parts" of my garden looks good ? haha
I'll be over to drop a line to you then !

Hello there Alice !
Thank you girl : ) .. I have had too much of my home made Boston Baked Beans (a bit sweet .. haha).
I'll let Sophie and Emma know they have an e-cuddle ? LOL

Mary Delle . Thank you ! ..that storm moved so fast ..and that beautiful rainbow was gone so quickly .. it left me wishing I took better pictures of it ..
My ivy is such a comfort plant in October : )

Cindee girl I'm so glad things have cooled off and you have gotten rain AND you have LIFE over there !! ENJOY : )

Thank you so much Urban Green .. it was a very unusual day for sure ! : )

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Joy, I love your collection of vintage cards. The artwork in each is so detailed. True artisan work.

Carrie said...

Beautiful darling. Andrew took me out this morning to take some photos, once I get round to loading them up and 'fixing' them i'll send you some; Autumn has arrived here and I was thinking of you x

Gardenkazuo said...

Joy chan. I am very interested in mushrooms in your garden. please visit GardenKazuo. I will show you some mushrooms that i picked in mountains lately.

RURAL magazine said...

Have you had too much chocolate? Cute comment from Bay Area, well....have you? LOL.\

Love your collection of old Halloween memorabilia. You must have been collecting for years.


our friend Ben said...

MORE great cards!!! And I love the shots of the grasses, the ferns and berries, and, of course, the ivy!!! Now you and the girls stay warm...

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Janet .. I don't own these cards. I just search on the net for vintage card images and these are the ones I come up with .. they are beautiful though aren't they ? I would love to have framed prints of them .. Halloween wish ? LOL .. maybe the Great Pumpkin will treat me ? haha

Carrie girl : ) I hope you are feeling a bit brighter .. it sounds like it, and I know how managing photos can drive you "batty" .. meaning ME ? haha .. I can sit here staring at mine trying to figure out "what is the matter with me ? why can't I just do the picture up and post the damn thing !!" haha .. So take your time girl !

Hello Kazuochan ! .. I will be over to see your mushrooms from your journey on the mountain : )

Hi Jen .. is is possible to have too much chocolate ? haha
I only wish these were mine and that I actually had a collection. These are images I found while hunting Halloween cards down on the net .. They are gorgeous .. and they would be my ultimate Halloween TREAT ! : )

Thank you 'ben" .. I love the plants that look so beautiful in Autumn .. something to look forward to all season .. even if this one has been strange with wacky weather. No worries about the girls and I staying warm ! Ha !
Hope you and yours are too : )

Pat said...

Fern is really cool looking...not to mention the sedum and mushrooms.
Glad to see October has lots of life in your zone...much the same as here.
Your winters might be snowy and summers a fews weeks shorter than ours but you don't seem to be missing anything in your garden.
You know I'll never be able to keep up with your blog.
Darn you're busy. ha

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Patsi girl .. I can't even keep up with my own blog !! haha .. and then I miss yours and everyone else's so I have to scramble to read when I can. Yes ! I think we share a lot of the same plants even with our zone being a bit off .. we pack a lot of punch for as long as we can !