Thursday, 10 December 2009

When your brakes fail ? .........

I need to look at these pretty pictures today .. to remind me that it was such a special morning I was able to capture a few photos from.
Today is not a good day .. while driving on the "rinks" we have for roads, because the rain on snow, froze over night and we have winds that rip right through you .. well, my brakes began to fail .. big time .. I just made it to a "shop" that handles those types of things .. the mechanic said I had just enough of my front brakes to get there .. I knew something was VERY wrong when you push the brake right to the floor and you feel you foot should go straight to the ground to stop the darn car (I was saying other words than "darn" to myself when it was happening, yes its true :-)
So .. heart in my mouth .. shaking .. they got me home. Gratefully so that I could get myself together and wait for the work to be done in the comfort of my own nest .. just wait till husband gets back ? Not his fault, but boy, why do these things happen when he is away ???
The funny thing was he had it winterized and checked before he left .. from another well known shop .. can you "mad as hell ?" ;-)
OK .. rant over ..
The moon was also out that morning and I couldn't resist a few pictures ..
I loved the line of the roof and the tree against an almost blank sky except for those skiffs of clouds. It almost seems like blue on blue doesn't it ?
The light started to brighten different areas of the garden ..
Some areas still in the dark looked a bit fascinating to me ...
This is when garden art begins to play with your vision ?
So many branches ... so little time to watch the light poke through them.

Back lighting .. you just can't beat it !

One of my favorite shots .. it still looks like royal icing of the fluffy nature on EVERYTHING : )
The boys didn't think it was a lot of fun .. but now they are having to deal with this wicked wind .. I think they would prefer the royal icing affect over what is happening now ?


gittan said...

Thank god nothing happend to you! Brakes that's out of order is real bad!!!

Your garden looks real interesting with that white "thing" on it =) ("whispering" I don't want that here)

Town Mouse said...

That sounds scary! I'm glad you got through all right and took such nice photos afterwards. Take care.

Dave@TheHomeGarden said...

Brakes are definitely not a good thing to lose! Glad you're OK! All that snow, I wonder if we'll see much this year?

D said...

Wonderful photos Joy! Love the abstract quality of the roof and of course any back-lighting makes my heart skip a beat. Diana

Pat said...

Is it my imagination or does the snow make everything look so pretty?
Nice captures.
New shows starting soon? Haven't been paying attention lately...not busy with Christmas but tons of other stuff.

our friend Ben said...

Oh no, Joy! This happens to me all the time, too: Our friend Ben only has to be gone for an evening for my car to break down, get a flat, you name it. It's now become a byword between us. I try to stay snug in the house in bad weather until he can coem and go with me! Thank heavens you were able to get to the garage and get safely home, snug with the girls and all your wonderful, warming decor. Stay warm!!!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you weren't hurt driving around with no brakes. That would be scary. Beautiful snow photos. Our snow melted away. It is just plain old cold now.

Unknown said...

Yikes! I'm glad you were okay after that, other than frightened, and that nothing worse happened than 'began to fail'. The lovely photos are a great counterpoint to such a scary experience.
That company that had the amaryllis vases is called Sologrow and was in St. Catherines, ON. if you google them, their website comes right up but it doesn't seem like anything current is happening. I'll be interested to see if you find anything about them.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, Joy, I am glad you made it home safely. I hope they got your brakes repaired.

I enjoyed your photos, as always! I do like the ones with the back lighting.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

The boys just look glum now :)

Love the second last shot of the garden - royal icing indeed!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello gittan .. yesterday was quite a day with the brakes issue ..I'm still shaking my head !
Girl .. you have to share the "white thing" that is only fair ? LOL

Town Mouse hello there ! .. it really made my heart THUMP .. and it is still in the shop .. I have to pick it up today : (

Dear Dave .. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before so experiencing THAT ? .. everybody check your brakes !!!! I'm not sure what our predicted snowfall is for after December .. it could be a long cold winter after all : (

Hello Diana .. I was so lucky catch everything the way I did that morning .. those are rare occasions and I appreciated mom nature working with me so hard : )

Hey there Patsi girl ! Thank you and yes .. that first FRESH snow does do that doesn't it ? so pretty .. I hope after Xmas the new shows will start up .. those are long long days/nights, waiting for Spring.

'ben" .. I used to be so in charge and efficient with everything when husband was gone all the time in the military .. now a days I usually end up in trouble with something now when he is away .. and YES ! I was lucky to get to that garage without totally losing them and in an accident ..phew !!

Hi Lisa .. it is a bitter cold now at -7 and then factor in the chill degree and it is BRRRR !! .. I couldn't believe it was all happening .. I was set to do some Xmas shopping and just getting to the garage I knew was at the corner was a huge relief.

Hi Jodi .. yup ! you have to know when you are pushing that brake petal right down to the floor .. something is really WRONG ! The mechanic said it was just enough to get there from what was left of the front brakes .. scary is right !
I'll see what I can find out about that company because that method of the vase is fascinating !!!

Hello there Sue girl ! Thanks again for all that info .. I really have to do something about my extra load ? LOL
I knew most of the bill from the estimate but since more went wrong when I phoned to check on it .. and it had to stay over night because the mechanic was having a hard time with other lines going .. the bill is going to be BIG .. great timing before Xmas eh ? LOL
At least nothing terrible happened and I am grateful for that !!

Ms S hello there .. YES ! that picture stuck in my mind too .. the little tree between the arbor and the Sumac, was perfect .. leaning in such a way too : )

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Joy, that's terrible! Thank goodness you're okay. Failing brakes on a car is one of the scariest things to experience.

I'm happy that you got through it alright and we're able to get back home safe and sound to take these lovely photos.

Gail said...

Joy, That was scary; I'm so glad that you got to the shop safely. With the adrenalin pumping it's a wonder you were able to relax and get these GORGEOUS shots! We had our fingers crossed hoping to get a bit of snow, but it passed us by. The cold however arrived...Today it's 17 degrees...pretty cold for December!
gail Those boys and I agree, enough with the wicked wind!

Carrie said...

JOY!!! That was bloomin' frightening to read. I can't imagine how scared you were. Golly I am so glad you are ok. The garden photos, once again, are stunning, the sky and tree branches and the clouds oh everything framed so perfectly. You should get some framed for your home. Big hugs and don't go outside if it's slippy ever again ;)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Martha .. that was a first time in my life event that I don't ever want to repeat .. I keep thinking of all the other possibilities and jeez ! .. good thing I kept relatively calm ? LOL
PS .. never ever go to Speedy on Gardiners road .. They "winterized" my car and said everything was fine ??

Gail .. I should have burned a lot of calories when that was going on ? haha .. I wouldn't want to go through it again no matter what .. so many years of driving and that was a shock to the system for sure .. the boys just need to "suck it up" and kick it up a notch ? haha be CANADIAN EH ! haha

Carrie girl .. good thing no one could hear what I was saying in my head about the brakes ? LOL .. it was unnerving for sure but I'm so glad the logical side of me (that hardly ever comes out) took over and I slowly but surely got to the garage .. I love the feel of actual brakes now today : )
I think I will do some prints eventually .. just have to transfer them to a memory stick .. the wind and clouds last night at "twilight" time .. were amazing .. you would have loved seeing them too !

Barbee' said...

It's bad enough having to drive on roads of that condition! Having brakes go out... well, that's just a horror story, and it isn't even Halloween!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbee' girl you put Halloween in your comment !! Thanks : ) I needed that .. LOL .. yup, it is one tough job being CANADIAN EH !
hahaha .. I now have brakes that work .. phew !!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

How scary that must've been! I'm glad you made it to the repair shop safely. It looks like you had lots of pretty scenery to take your mind off the car.
They're saying we may get snow here this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joy, I am so glad you were unharmed except for your nervous system! There is great beauty in your photographs, thank goodness your brain can get comfort there. The moon is fabulous, it is better to look outward rather than inward sometimes. Lots of times. {{{{U}}}} Big hugs.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Catherine .. it was a first time experience for me .. I'm just very grateful the situation was contained in city driving and not out on the highway .. YIKES that would have been bad ! A little snow for Xmas would be nice for you ? ;-)

Thanks Frances .. things like this always seem to happen while hubby is away .. a military wife pattern ? LOL .. but now my brakes are safe and sound .. and so is most of my mind ? LOL
Thank you : ) I am constantly in pursuit of the moon and clouds .. I can't help myself ? ;-)

janie said...

I would love to have a great BIG picture of your moon! That is gorgeous!

I am glad you were not hurt. I have had experience with brakes, but mine made horrible noises when I mashed them. Needed shoes or pads, or something. Brakes are necessary. And it never fails, it will happen when DH is away.

What kind of camera do you use, if you wouldn't mind sharing? Have you had formal training as a photographer? Your pictures are breathtaking!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there janie ! .. yes, it is one heck of a learning curve when you know your brakes are GOING ! .. I can laugh about it now but I think the grip I had on my steering wheel wore through it ? haha .. My goodness thank you : ) .. I would have loved to take photography courses .. but this has been another learning curve on my own (and .. this is embarrassing, I use very few of the functions each camera has had) red faced about that.
I have had a few digital cameras .. Olympus SP-55OUZ with 18 x optical zoom jumped to the Olympus SP-59OUZ with 26x optical zoom and 12 MP .. it was hard making myself use this one for a while .. I found there seemed to be a lot of noise in the pictures .. but now I am using it almost exclusively and by that, I have more hits than misses with good shots .. it takes PRACTICE over and over again .. wow , have I talked your ear/eye off yet ? LOL