Saturday, 25 September 2010

Shadow Shot (weekend?)

These past few weeks have been exhausting .. but I have managed to get a few shots that aren't too bad .. and rather interesting in fact !
Winthrop here was deep in thought .. mulling over the seasonal change to Autumn .. hopefully it will stay in Autumn mode because yesterday was a shocker for heat and humidity ..
Toronto broke a 30 year record for heat this time of year .. thankfully we don't live there but felt the same temps here too !
This was one of the cooler afternoons ... the light was just right (I love afternoons in Autumn) .. so this is my number one shot ..
Number two shot was of a morning a few days ago .. the play of light and shadows compliments of dark clouds racing by in the sky ... well I just had to include it ... almost yet again Halloweeny ?
So .. you really should have a look over at Tracy's place "Hey Harriet" and catch those Shadow Shooters at their best for this meme .. there are loads of fantastic shadows caught in action : )


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I know just how you feel regarding the record temps. The heat that has been gripping our area was finally pushed out by a cold front. We are having glorious weather today. It is almost 11 a.m. and it is only 66F. Heavenly. Now if we could just get some rain.

Your shadow shot is very intersting with the pattern of the shadow. The sky looks somewhat ominous. Very halloweeny of you.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Joy!! Great shadow shot! Sorry I've been so remiss in keeping up with visits, I'm not sure where the time (or my mind) have gone lately. I think I am suffering from late season garden blahs lol. :)

Beverley Baird said...

Love the design created! Gorgeous skies as well!
have a great weekend!

Kay L. Davies said...

Two perfect and yet so different shots! My compliments to the cameraperson.

Kay, Alberta

Anonymous said...

I love the light behind the clouds!

EG CameraGirl said...

Very pretty shadow shots!

Barbee' said...

Very Good shots, Joy. Hope you are getting a bit cooler by now. This summer just about did me in.

Hey Harriet said...

Such dramatic clouds! They look haunting enough to be considered halloweeny ;) I'm glad to hear that they were racing by! I would not appreciate those clouds settling in above me! Hope you have a lovely week ahead!

Spadoman said...

I love the lamp post shot a lot, and that sky does look menacing, like it's from a Halloween movie! Good stuff.
Not warm here, but not cold either. regular Fall crispness to the air, and after days of rain and clouds, the sun is shining brightly.
We have so uch sumac around here, and much of it is in some kind of stage of redness.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl ! my fingers are crossed for you to have some rain ! it is cool here again finally .. that Friday thing threw every one in south eastern Ontario off ! Glad to be cool again .. ah yes ! Halloweeny atmosphere is a must : )

Rebecca girl ! I am guilty of the same thing .. so much has been going on here it has run me over ? haha .. yes ! I think this was a strange year .. I lost all my garden time from August on and feel like things should be packed up and put away already .. I have that looming ahead of me .. thank goodness husband helps me !

Thanks Beverley ! Hope your weekend is a good one too !

Kay thank you : ) Every week it is a race to see if I have a good enough shot for this meme ;-)

Thank you fray ... : ) I love interesting light play in the sky with clouds !

Thanks EG ! now I am looking for the next one already ? LOL

Barbee' girl ! Hello there : ) Yes .. I know what you mean .. I started out well but ended up way too early .. memo to self .. stop trying to do heavy things ? LOL

Hello Tracy girl ! Yup ! definitely Halloweeny for me .. now just one last request this year .. toast a marshmallow ? haha .. hope you had a great weekend girl .. its Monday over there already right ? ;-)

Hey "you" ! how are you ! I was thinking of you the other day when husband found a link for me for live streaming the northern lights (Canadian technology EH !)
I have to go and save the link myself (been a bit too busy)
Yes .. that Halloween atmosphere .. totally bask in it (I am a strange creature ?).. crave it to last as long as possible : ) soon we will take a drive in the country to catch some snaps of the colour happening .. that makes me totally HAPPY : )

Unknown said...

Glad the weather has settled a little bit, and that you can enjoy the play of light and shadow in your garden. Don't overdo yourself, and keep healing, Joy!

Anonymous said...

Hello Joy, a thirty-year record? Sheesh. And here I just read about Flower Lady and her difficulties with weather to the far south of you. I hope you have some typical fall weather soon. You've got a very important date on the horizon.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Jodi girl .. I think the weather may begin to settle now (fingers crossed) and we can enjoy cool weather, look forward to the COLOUR show of the trees too !
This has been one of the longest "down times" I have ever had and it is crawling at a snail's pace .. so hard not to try and do things but yes .. I know what you mean and I am trying to be good ! ;-)

Yes Grace girl .. Toronto broke records for this time of year this past Friday .. and it wasn't far behind here in Kingston .. people were sweaty ! eeuuwww ! haha
I have yet to light a fire under my cauldron to really get in the Halloween MOOD ! LOL ; )