Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Who let the flakes out .. woof..woofwoofwoof ..WOOF !

OK .. stop the hissing and booing ... I can only work with what I have .. right ?
Bad gardeners live here .. I really should have a sign saying the obvious ... right ?
Heavy snowfall equals dark light conditions (how can one say dark light at the same time ?)
So a warning to any light sensitive people out there .. take off your sunglasses before attempting to see DARK SNOW pictures ... some what like "dark matter" oooooooh all Stephen Hawking ??
The rest of the pictures speak for themselves ... so I won't go on, and on, and on, and on ?

Winthrop in pensive mode ...... for those that don't recognize Winthrop's different expressions.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my ornamental grasses yet again ???
Fluffy Puffy Snow Feathers
Dave and the boys and still not impressed .. two middle boys especially ....
When is Spring ?????


Dani said...

These are so beautiful. I love snow and snowflakes.
Your garden is absolutely lovely.

I love the red hearts, here.

~Happy New Year~

Lona said...

I see the snow found your garden once more. Your grass does look so pretty with the snow.

Lola said...

Oh, that is a lot of snow. Poor Winthrop, he does look cold.
Love the 8th pic.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Dani : ) I love your flower avatar ! We know we have much more snow in store for us because we escaped so much until now .. but it is good for the garden : )
I have to confess the red hearts are in part for Feburary and husband's birthday .. but they are so cheerful too aren't they ? I'm a sucker for that right now .. wink wink

Lona we know there was no doubt about the snow, girl .. and that is yet another thing I love about ornamental grasses .. short or tall they all look great dressed up in a white robe of snow don't they ? LOL .. woof woof ??

Lola hello there ! Actually this is very little compared to what we should have gotten and are due for .. Winthrop loves a challenge, he is Canadian eh ! hehehe

Anonymous said...

At least the snow covers up the garden grays this time of year. We had a brief warm up last weekend, it got up to 60 degrees on New Year's Day, so all of our snow melted away. Now it's cold and bare, not good for my garden!

*~* Linda *~* said...

I miss snow... thanks for posting such beautiful snow-themed pictures. It helps me enjoy the lack of snow here :)

Toni said...

Looks like some really fluffy flakes!! Pretty pics :-) Looks cold, though. Brrrr! Not to rub it in or anything, but I planted some carrot and spinach seeds today and actually got some dirt under my fingernails. Felt like spring for a minute :-) Sending spring thoughts your way...

Tessa said...

Lots of snow- but it is pretty. I've found I have a much better appreciation for growing things now that I live in this colder climate. That and I love snow anyway :). Hope your new year is going well so far!


Anonymous said...

I liked your snow photos but my favorite, and I bet you can guess, was the gnome popping out of the snow.

Rebecca said...

Who let the flakes out...Love it!
Everything does look better with a snow covering, but I don't like the cold.. Give me snow or spring, nothing in between!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl that is what happened to us as well .. no snow and fluctuation of temps , not good for the plants .. I was relieved to have this blanket of snow fall finally .. hope your weather gets sorted out soon too !!

Linda .. just remember back to last year ? and remember those trips to the airport .. white knuckle rides? haha .. but yes, a bit of snow makes it feel like you are getting through the seasons the way you should be .. I'll mail some to you OK ?? wink wink

Toni girl .. thanks : ) but now you did it !! some real gardening and touching of actual dirt .. smell the earth .. you have made me GREEN with jealousy girl !!! LOL

Tessa girl how are you ! Happy New Year !! .. a BIG YES to a deeper respect for growing plants in a colder climate .. when you truly experience each season and fall into that routine yo can't help but feel that rhythmic flow : )

Donna girl I thought you might just like that one in particular ! LOL
It was a respectable amount of snow to have fallen .. now it feels like winter !

Rebecca nothing in-between those two ?? no Autumn !!! you have to have Autumn .. and a bit of summer .. even though that heat and humidity here knocks the stuffing out .. keep that song in your head for a while yet ? hehehe

Anonymous said...

The pictures in your post look very wintery but the tulips and snappy red background are looking very bright and cheerful. We got some snow finally yesterday and more is on the way tomorrow. So far winter has been fairly tame so I won't complain...although it is early in the season...

CiNdEe said...

Well the snow is pretty at least! That is the about it though...LOL
The grasses do look nice(-:
The "boys" are not looking to happy!
Chilly here but only around 28 degrees...(-: Clear today again! Woo Wee I might get a suntan if I work outside?(-:

Jan said...

You'll probably think I'm crazy (well, that would be true anyway!) but I am missing the snow, Joy! We have had only a light dusting so far this year. I guess we've had snow a couple of times now but nothing more than an inch and it was gone in no time. It's funny but it's kind of boring here right now without the excitement of a big snowstorm! I wouldn't want to have snow as long as you guys have to endure it, though...but, I like seeing your photos to get a little bit of a 'snow fix'! Anyway, I know you cannot wait until it's gone so, I'll be hoping it'll warm up a bit and melt away for ya! Happy NEw year to you and yours!

Unknown said...

Ah, Joy, you are so filled with joy!!!! This post is a delight. The comment about Winthrop looking pensive reduced me to giggles. Happy New Year to you, from us down here.

fer said...

So beautiful! It must be great to have that view on your backyard. I wonder how much snow will we get this year.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer girl we have been VERY lucky so far .. just this amount of snow at this stage of the game isn't much at all .. but it does make you wonder how much more is to come to make up for it ? I couldn't resist the RED hearts cheerful backdrop caper .. cabin fever will be gripping me soon and it will be a wild ride ! eeekk !

Cindee you bad girl you !!! teasing me with the sun tan trick is underhanded ;-) but vit D is one important element in our lives right so get as much as you can and top it up with more ! LOL
The boys are resigned to the fact this just has to happen .. I will hear all the grumbling on a daily basis now ! hehehe

Hey there Jan .. I actually think I need the snow to slow me down and keep trying to heal .. it has been 5 months of added agony with this cranky disc and I'm hoping the orthopedic specialist will have a magic wand and FIX me so I can dive into my garden when it is time : )
meanwhile I will have snow pictures for YOU : )

Jodi girl you have a pretty new picture for yourself ! I have to think of doing that too ! Happy New Year to you from all of us assorted crew from furry spoiled girls to grumpy gnomes and pensive "guardgoyles" ( made up my own new word with that one .. Winthrop insisted on a better description ?)

fer : ) YES ! the one thing I will miss when I get to move into my office next Autumn (I hope) is this constant view of the back garden and what is going on there .. but all that jumping up and running to the kitchen will e good for me ? haha .. I know we have MORE snow to come .. eeekk !