Friday, 10 June 2011

My scary "sky watch" and a few beauties

We had a small taste of scary storm weather Wednesday afternoon/evening .
It made us so very thankful that it wasn't as bad as the storms battering the mid west states .. although south of us, further into Ontario, they are fairly sure tornadoes touched down.
Ontario is a large province that could fit multiple "states" within it .. so weather can be totally different part to part.
Husband called me outside when it started because he knows I love to sky watch .. we were like two kids in total awe of the churning clouds .. never thought of a stray lightening bolt hitting us finally curling my hair permanently ?
We were lucky though .. the lightening/thunder show was slow moving in .. all I had to worry about was the chance of BIG rain drops hitting my lens as I was snapping away.
I am VERY thankful we were not hit with even more intense destructive weather .. although watching this system move in .. and hearing the hard hitting downpour, was a little stressful (mainly my thoughts of the garden getting a smack down) .. I know .. but it is the gardener in me?

The wind was a bit crazy .. something like me if there is chocolate in the house and I can't find it?
It whipped a few plants around .. including the poppies .. so I see some are naked but still awesome! : )
The day after .. my present arrived .. these little iris are a jewel planting to me .. they don't last all that long but they are so beautiful .. plus the group on the other side of the heuchera (Pinot Gris) blooms slower so I get to see more "show" after this one is finished ..
It makes me all smiley inside when I see them .. husband thinks THAT is a GOOD thing, wink wink ...
Pinot Gris is planted opposite of this in the main border .. mixed with the gold of Golden Spirit Smoke Bush and Sir Goat's Beard, the younger ...
Toad lilies are looking full and happy and I can't wait to see them !
Ms. "Flame" maple lost a lot of her little flower buds from the storm .. looks like tiny confetti on the ground ? Finally the variegated geranium has been planted at her feet and so far .. so good !
My favorite "Canadian" beauty .. click on the picture and look into her face and you see her flower buds beginning to peek out a little : )
My latest Japanese maple (still haven't thought of a name yet .. but I am working on it) ..
I succumbed to Gold Heart spectabilis .. I had mulled it over for a few years actually but then suddenly KNEW exactly where she could go .. flanking the other side of little JM ..
Beauty Bush "Dream Catcher" on one side, and "Gold Heart" bleeding heart on the other ..
A match made in plant heaven I think ? : )


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Those clouds are serious. Happy SWF. I like the new addition to your garden too.

Marguerite said...

Beautiful pictures of that stormy sky. I find it so hard to capture the sky in pictures. We too had a storm last night but it was so late and work came so early in the morning I haven't yet seen how the garden fared. Just watched the lightning light up my bedroom intermittently while I drifted off to sleep.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Incredible sky pics Joy! Glad the storm wasn't terribly fierce. Your garden is looking fabulous, love those poppies! :)

Danielle said...

Those Iris are just too darn cute! I have some little ones out in the shade rock garden that haven't bloomed last summer or this, they were here when we moved in. I just may move them and see what they do.

I am also going to buy Poppies today. I have loved them since I was a child and never had them in the garden. I removed some Allium for use in a different area up front... so I think I have created the perfect spot for them!!! yours are BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Our storm was yesterday, but I think it went to Kennebunkport instead of here. My camera was all ready, but didn't get to use it!
You did get some scary sky shots. I am jealous.

Your garden doesn't even need to have flowers to be lovely. That is great planning.

Netty said...

Wednesday's storm hit my garden hard, but luckily no serious damage to our home or trees. Many others in my neighborhood weren't so lucky.
Your Poppies are gorgeous :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lisa girl !
Yup .. they were rather scary but thankfully nothing really bad happened other than some leaves and weak branches of my Sumac hit the ground from the wind whipping .. thanks girl : )

Hello there Marguerite : ) Thank you!
Isn't that weird when lightning is lighting up a dark room like that? As long as the thunder doesn't scare the life out of me it is kind of neat! .. Hope your garden was alright girl !

Hey there Rebecca girl : ) Thank you! .. There is one white poppy (Royal Wedding .. not impressed with that name .. anti-monarchist here.. haha) among the red and it is beautiful .. a happy almost accident in planting!

Danielle thank you for stopping by!
I had a peek at your garden and it is a beautiful place surrounded by lots of trees .. so quiet and peaceful it must be : )
Thank you so much ! .. Some times poppies drive me nuts with their huge foliage issues, but when they bloom .. they are amazing : )
You have to have some girl!!

Sandy girl I am flattered with your compliments .. you capture such wonderful pictures, I feel rather amaturist ? when I look at yours .. that last one of the "fairy hat" with the "feather" was amazing .. I would love a print of it !

Thank you so much Netty ! Yes .. these last storms have been violent but we too have been very lucky .. I feel badly for people that have been hit hard by them .. gardens are our retreat and I am so grateful for that !

Unknown said...

I love that awesome gargoyle shadow. I really dig gargoyles!

JayLeigh said...

What amazing cloud pictures!! Wow!!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks PS : ) Gargoyles are VERY cool creatures indeed!!

Thanks Jay Leigh ... it was kind of scary .. but had great wow factor !!

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, same with me, time....well essence or not, it's always disappearing.

Love your shots, and you are very brave to stand out there. This wasn't a normal storm from what I heard. Poor plants, poor people.

What weather!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jen it did have a very eerie feeling to it as the clouds churned and churned .. I thought I would hear that noise from War of the Worlds .. the Tome Cruize version ? haha
and have something erupt from the pavement to shoot death rays at us?LOL