Sunday, 5 June 2011

Rose Gardeners ... Opinions ?

OK .. didn't I just complain that I am running out of room and my gardens are becoming a bit like spoiled children that demand more and more attention ?
So how could I order these two roses ?
Because they were on at half price and I remember reading other gardeners thought they were worthy of a space in their gardens ... so connect the dots and BINGO ... I just had to try them out as well !
Now before anything goes "south" I am explaining that these two pictures are from a mail order company (which I actually ordered these two roses from) Vesey Seeds .. where I bought Winchester Cathedral .. which is now half price .. and of course , yes .. OUCH !!
The half price did hook me but it is the concept of these two roses being easy to care for and they look wonderful to me ..
But I would really love to hear from other gardeners what they actually think of these roses !!
So please drop by and let me know .. otherwise ignorance is bliss .. but knowledge prepares me in a kinder way ? wink wink


Gatsbys Gardens said...

Sounds like we're both thinking roses with little room left for them! The Fairy has been around a long time and I had it years ago. Sorry to say, I yanked it after a few years, got very large and had trouble controlling it's rambling growth.

I don't have Easy Does It but I think it is an award winner, love the color.


Anonymous said...

Easy Does It is not a rose I know, but on the basis of its being so floriferous, I'd sure be inclined to find room for it. The Fairy is an old and distinguished rose. My prejudice is such that I'll find room for almost any older rose, especially for blooming fools like The Fairy. I put it in my previous garden and it was terrific. But take all this with a grain of salt because I think rose growing is one of the pleasures and privileges God gave gardeners :)

Rajlakshmi said...

woww they look so beautiful!!!
lovely captures :)

Anonymous said...

I like them both, but love the fairy rose, so thank you for giving me the name. Other than that, I am no help to you at all!

Anonymous said...

I am not a garderner, but I love to have all the beauty around me, and they are gorgeous.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, I had the Fairy in my last garden - zone 3 - and it did amazingly well with very little maintenance. I should qualify and say that it is not really hardy for this zone but was in a sheltered, south-facing location where it thrived. My hubby's cousin also has some on either side of her front walk, sheltered by a cotoneaster hedge and they do great as well. It's a real winner for us here in the the GWN.
Best of luck with yours!

Lona said...

You will love Easy Does It Joy. It blooms constantly and has the prettiest shades of orange,peach and apricot all rolled into one. Almost Halloween colors. LOL!
I never had a Fairy rose but I had heard good things bout it.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You will have to start gardening UP. I don't know much about roses but I just received one as a gift. We will have to see what happens. These are pretty things.

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

They are beautiful Joy!!! I'm sure you'll find a great spot for them somewhere...I know what you mean about running out of room. I had vowed to not add any more perennials, at least for 4-6 weeks, and yet a blue & white columbine came home with me today. SIGH! lol

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Eileen girl : )
I have always been so curious about the Fairy after reading other blogs that had it .. I considered it for years so now with the half price I couldn't resist .. and I am one obsessive pruner so it will be under control or else ? haha

Hello Patricia : ) I have a thing for old roses too .. Zephirine Drouhin I have had a few years but due to some landscaping issues I kept her back .. now she can grow to her hearts content .. I love her scent terribly : ) It does draw you into deep thought when you consider how wonderful these plants are .. they are magnificent !

Hello raj and thank you but again these pictures are from the company .. they are not mine ..

Sandy you are very welcome ! .. and I will chart the progress of these two as well as my others as the season goes on .. I have high hopes .. whether they will be met or not is another thing ? LOL

Joan everyone has a wee gardener inside them .. they just don't know it ? haha .. and that is why I work so hard .. to have my garden embrace me .. nourish me .. it truly does .. plus our endless Canadian winters make us dream about our gardens and keeps us sane?LOL

Ms S girl !! that is wonderful: )
To have such a beautiful rose survive that zone is amazing ! I am so glad you have that option .. but do you have it in your garden now ?

Lona girl thank you for letting me know about that rose .. i don't have any of the new breeds that are carefree types .. I fell in love with this one when reading about it and of course the half price sale was the "hook" ? LOL .. I am really looking forward to them both !

Lisa what rose is it ? You have me curious that you don't already have roses in your garden ! I have to see what is going on over there girl ! haha

Rebecca girl .. between the two of us ? .. I seriously think there should be a "plant-aholic" support group .. no matter what I say or consider when squeezing plants in .. something always comes home with me .. it is serious and I do worry .. if they start staking up in my closet .. well .. THAT is serious!!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Hi Joy, I have some new gardening projects "on the books" and the Fairy is among them.
ps. She blooms like crazy too!

Karen said...

OKay, so...I'm not a gardener but, I just love that last rose bush. If it is easy to grow, I might just become a gardener!


Hi Joy Dear, I know what you mean about making room for a few more [half priced!!] goodies. You scored big, girl. I used to have The Fairy and it is a gorgeous rose but in the PNW blackspot can be a problem. I wish now I would have kept it because I've found that as roses mature they become less prone to blackspot. As others have said, 'Easy Does It' is an award winner. I hope you'll post photos of them in your garden.

Looking forward to the show today. I'll be curious to hear your opinions on it. You don't have any opinions now do you?? LOL!!

Vetsy said...

Joy, I'm with you concerning roses that are easy care.

I'd like to start a small collection of roses in the near future... just a few. I think both are quite pretty, but I like the second rose more because of it's color and it's name. "Easy Care"

Carrie said...

oh i have roses in the hall, cut from the lottie :) they are fabulous - sure there is always room for 1 more ;)
sorry i haven't been blogging on the lottie, my photography blog has taken over the last few days xx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Ms S !! I love that we will share this gorgeous rose and trade helpful hints please ??? I will need them as a new mom here to it ;-)

Karen girl .. you have to have this rose because it is supposed to be that EASY !! so I am waiting to hear that you have it .. alright ??
Just DO it girl !! LOL

Grace girl .. since we have "chatted" you know my take on the show except for the by-line on the twins etc .. that is really interesting as to how it will turn out !! Imagine the look on Jill's face and where the heck is that last letter Cane wrote to Lilly ?
I can't wait to see these roses !!

Vetsy girl that is the easiest way to start up with roses .. a small collection and "easy" roses .. there are so many now that are almost self care .. just keep researching and yo will find the ones that suit you : )

Carrie girl that is wonderful your photography side is shining ! I will have to make time to see what is happening there .. I have very little time to be on here .. working ever so hard in the garden and it is wearing on me .. I will have to take a full day of rest soon or I will be in trouble !eekk!

Pine Grove Farmhouse said...

Hello Joy,
I don't have a blog, but love reading garden blogs. Recently came across yours from Crafty Gardener and have been enjoying reading your blog. I can relate to your weekend as mine was similar - laying down a mulch path in my garden. ouch!
I bought 3 fairy roses last year 1/2 off at Lowes and had them in containers. They did exceeding well, bloomed all summer. I wanted to keep them, so I planted them in the ground last fall and this spring I put them back in containers. They are doing great!. Limited knowledge here, but so far I really like them, very carefree, I prune & dead head occasionally during the summer, but that's it.
I saw themg growing on a garden tour in NJ and the gardener said they are very hardy to our winters.
Hope you have good luck with them and enjoy them!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Renata ! Thank you for dropping by and letting me know how the Fairy has done for you ! I would love to do the same thing but I am wondering how large a pot would I need to keep it in until the Autumn when I would put it in the ground for winter ?
I hope you check back with your comment and let me know ? .. this is something I would love to have on our deck : )

Pine Grove Farmhouse said...

Hi Joy,
I hope you got my earlier reply..the pot size is 18" diameter.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again Renata !
I have been away for a bit and just got this now .. 18" for just the summer season and then back in the ground ? how many times can I do this sort of thing ? .. I have never done it before .. and I am still just eyeing the roses hoping to see some new growth on them soon .. they were REALLY DRY ! eekk! LOL ... fingers crossed .. i just cut some JP Connell and Shakespeare .. they are beautiful: )
Thanks for getting back to me !!