Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Scary Mail Order Roses Arrive !!

First I have to show you a picture of the sky in it's total bright gray (oxy-moron term?) state .. yet again I couldn't resist taking a picture of it because it seemed so awesome to me ..
See the wee ball in there ? .. that is the sun !!
OK .. back to the real world ..
I had ordered roses that were on sale from Vesey (they are totally out of stock now)
But .. these poor dry rose souls were kind of SCARY !!! ..
I have not seen a bare root rose as DRY and sad looking as these .. ergo why there was a "sale" right ?
I have had them soaking overnight in a nice water bath with a touch of mild fertilizer that encourages roots to feel loved up ? wink wink
I hope to plant them today .. the ground has soaked up most of the rain that fell yesterday.
See ? SCARY !!!! eeekkkkkkkkkkk !!
Part of being a good little customer and ordering these roses included some free bulbs ...
I haven't done glads in so long it could be decades ? another eeeekkkk !
What other nonsense did I get up to yesterday ?
OK .. confessions of a "mad gardener" .. I should have named my blog that !
Home Depot had some very sad heuchera & tiarella on for 1/3 price.
This is what is called a "plant rescue intervention" .. what gardener could resist that?
Berry Smoothie heuchera and Sea Foam tiarella .. plus Salix Integra "Hakuro Nishiki" which I wanted for years .. win win situation right ?
Continued confessing ... I only meant to get some potting soil at our little Canadian Tire store at my end of town .. but things happen .. don't they?
Thus echinacea Summer Sky ... and Pineapple Sage , which I totally forgot to get before.
I can't find .. Lemon Verbena, which is one of my most favorite SMELLS in the world.
I missed the boat on that one .. drats ...
So there I go .. got these babies in yesterday before the down pour yahoooooo!
The roses will be today hopefully ... then ? ... I really have to stop , right?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You are absolved of all your greedy sins. Your penance is to play those roses and to pray for more, oops I mean forgiveness. Love your header shot.

Darla said...

You will have all of these plants healthy in no time....of course I love to resuce plants!

Danielle said...

oh wow they do look mighty dry! I was thinking I may need a "rescue" or gift bed.... so I can let them grow before they are added to the garden :)

CiNdEe said...

I think the roses will be happy to be at your house!(-: I am sure they will snap out of it now that they are there!
I am forever rescuing something too! LOL It is fun to see if it will grow!
So funny that we both have cloud pictures today. Also funny I bought potting soil yesterday too...(-: The life of a gardener!(-:

Marguerite said...

This post just reminded me I really need to check out Canning Perennials. I LOVE their line 'we do not sell dried up roots in bags of peat moss'!! LOL. I'm so totally ordering from them next year. Thanks for the reviews, they were fantastic.

Vetsy said...

That is an interesting bright gray sky photo..I should try that sometime, actually I have, but my camera doesn't perform as well as yours.. The roses... Jeeper's creepers!

I can see me going straight into a panic attack! Thank goodness I visit your blog so that I can learn better..I would swear that they were sick or dead...But thanks to you, I've learned that this is the dormant stage.. Yep I'm still a novice.

P.S.... Joy I would encourage you to stop, but that would make me hypocrite..Lol! Thanks for sharing and helping me learn along the way.

VW said...

Ah, Home Depot had Berry Smoothie? I've been looking for that one! I'll have to check my local store to see if it's there. Good luck with the roses. They're pretty sturdy, hopefully they'll recover for you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Lisa girl : ) Thanks for absolving me girl .. I did feel a tad guilty for sure ! hehehe
I am laughing because I swear I am going to stop bringing plants home and it just never sticks for some reason ? wink wink .. and thank you girl on the header compliment .. my Three Stooges Frogs complained until I did a shot of them!

Darla girl isn't it the best feeling to know we rescue plants and give them a good home : )
Sometimes scary with how bad they may look except for that one VERY healthy leaf we just know will work out!

Hello Danielle : )You are so right about having a spare bed to do that with .. I think mine got totally filled up now though .. oops ! LOL

Cindee girl I was just over at your place and saw those clouds .. kind of scary looking girl ! Yup .. the roses are having a good soaking so I know they will be well hydrated before they get planted .. and hopefully happy ! .. gotta' get that potting soil yet !! haha

Marguerite I can totally whole heatedly recommend Canning .. Chris Lepard, the owner is a terrific gal who will sort out any problems in a snap ! They also have a newsletter you might want to subscribe to by email .. I am so glad you enjoyed the ratings review girl : )

Vetsy girl I saw your wonderful roses on your blog and you are no novice girl ! You have been doing a fantastic job with them and doing exactly what I would do when they went through such an intense attack .. I hate aphids with a passion and some years are worse than others .. same thing with rust, powdery mildew and the dreaded black spot thing .. YUCK ! too funny about us all needing a support group to help us stop buying plants .. what do you think ? hahaha

VW girl if you seen Berry Smoothie on the discount rack you wouldn't recognize it .. in bad shape but a few new leaves right at the root stalk gave me courage to bring it home and for $5 ?? heck yes !!
Yup .. I think the roses will be fine .. they are still soaking in their nice bath ? haha
Check your HD for BS !! oops .. that sounds .. looks funny ?? LOL

Carolyn ♥ said...

Like sunshine on a cloudy day, you always make me smile. Love coming here! I'll be making my HD run this afternoon to see if there are any treasures for my garden.

Kit Aerie-el said...

Wow, you have been busy to not only rescue the plants, but get them in the ground so quickly! They're sure to perk up and be their spunky selves in no time, thanks to your intervention!


Hi Joy Girl, Well, good for you for rescuing these plants. I hope you'll keep us posted on their convalescence--especially the roses.

Lola said...

Scary skies do cause concern. Rained here yesterday with thunder/lightening. I can do without the lightening.
We can't go past the good purchases. I keep saying no but they hop into my cart anyway.
So far my roses look good, no icky stuff.
All those goodies will do great in your care.

Lona said...

Oh Boy, new goodies!!! Sometimes you just have to take home those poor mistreated plants to the safety of your garden. LOL! Great finds Joy! Is your rose coated with paraffin? I got some one time that were and none of them lived for me. I like bare root roses though.You will have it all perky in no time.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

OMG, hope you have luck planting the bare roots now. I have had great luck with bare root roses, most times better than the potted ones.

You are finding great deals at Home Depot, nothing going on here like that.


RURAL magazine said...

Ok, so I don't understand why everyone is shipping out dried up roots. Have they not heard of wet paper towels or something? I have never order online plants, so maybe it's just beginners ignorance...

Great bargains Joy! You know how to shop, and I am certain they will perk up soon.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Cat said...

Such a good gardener you are rescuing those plants! Love your recent sky shots too.

Carrie said...

oh dear - your addicted to helping poor plants and making them gorgeous - it could be worse! ;)They are indeed some scary roses - but you'll have them happy and settled in no time xx loving the new header xxxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Carolyn : ) you are sweet, thank you girl ! .. I just seem to stumble on some good bargains and the season is drawing a little long now so plant stock that has been sitting there looking unhappy is a lot cheaper ! yahoooo : ) LOL Good Luck !

Aerie-el you are a hoot girl with that picture : )thank you so much !
I just finished them as the rain began so timing was too funny .. it wasn't supposed to rain that day but no one can count on the weather now eh ?

Grace girl thank you and YES !! I will be charting their progress .. especially Berry Smoothie which was down to 3 little but healthy leaves .. now that one with the roses is going to be interesting ! ;-)

Lola I am with you about thunder and lightning .. the cracks of thunder close by scare the crackers out of me and the cats .. we all dive for under the bed ! haha My other roses are doing well with all this great rain ... now for some sun so they will smile,right?: )

Lona girl what can I say .. they pleaded with me to take them home and how could I turn them down ?
Yes .. I think they do coat the upper stalk to keep it clean and kicking ? haha I am always a little leery about bar root roses but I have been lucky every time for them to settle in well .. I can't wait to see these beauties in flower !!!

Eileen girl I just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the discount rack .. they had Autumn Leaves too and I am kicking myself for not getting it as well .. but .. on with the roses and I am excited about them and getting them settled in their spots in the garden !

Jen girl .. with roses I think they worry about moisture and bacteria .. but when it is earlier in the season the roots look more .. lively ? this is an end of season sale so they have been waiting for homes and getting drier than usual.
A good soaking always helps so mine have been well soaked girl !LOL
I have to stop bringing plants home girl .. husband has a funny look on his face .. could be a garlic burp but it could be a "where oh where are you putting THEM ???"

Cat girl thank you very much .. the garden is actually having a good year with all the rain .. but my skies have been more cloudy ? than with sun shots .. now I have to wait for the sun to shift to the right again ! haha

Carrie girl thank you : ) you are sweet and understanding about the rescue thing in me .. but soon I have to say ENOUGH ? haha
I will be busy in the garden today getting it straightened out and plants settled in .. phew !!

Barbarapc said...

I've never seen such a dry looking rose. Sending horticultural prayers its way! I think you had the perfect day, finding little plant friends you've lusted after for ages, who called out to you to take then home & getting them on sale. The lucky three (plus one more for the well-timed rain) for gardeners.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Barbara girl they were the driest ones I have ever seen too !
I have to plant them today .. I am waiting for the sun to shift a little more though .. it is HOT out there !
Yes .. nothing better to a gardener than well timed rain for the perfect finish to planting : ) Thanks for the good wishes for the roses girl !

Balisha said...

This post reminds me of my son. He sends his "sick" plants home, so Mom can give them a little TLC. When they are all better...they go back to him.
You'll have to show us those roses when they are healthy.

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Joy, you rescue plants like some people rescue kittens. I would love to go shopping with you some time - really! You have a great eye. I am sure your roses will be greening up in no time. :)

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

Yes, the roses will be ok with your TLC. I know what you mean about an errand resulting in extra plants. The ONLY way around it is to send someone else for soil or bone meal or the like. Trust me ;).

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Balisha : )My goodness that is just so much like our children .. "mom" can make things right ? and those plants probably breath a sigh of relief when they see you ? LOL
I planted the roses yesterday and I am so excited to see what they are going to do : ) So YES ! everyone will see how they hopefully smile at me .. eventually ? LOL

Ms S girl you are very sweet, thank you! I would love to go shopping with friends on here .. can you imagine our conversations ? haha
In fact two my my cats were rescue cats (I keep that one under control though! haha)Fingers crossed on the rose affair !! : )

Rebecca girl you are SO right !!
There is almost NO chance to just come home with the bare essential list right ? I think it is the gardener's curse .. we just can't break it and bring home more goodies than we meant to !! ;-)