Thursday, 5 July 2012

This time of year ......

I find this time of year when we are between flower stages .. I see a lot of "green on green" vignettes.
Truth be told, some are also deliberate ?

I could not help myself with adding "Little Lime"  hydrangea to my collection .. it is just so darn CUTE !

Speaking of cute .. Petite Delight monarda has survived me pushing and shoving it into different areas of the garden .. it really is a delight with that wonderful scent !

The bigger picture being a bit more of a mixture ....

Leading back to a single flower ...

So yes, there is a lot of green, but also some dashes of colour to keep it interesting !!


Nadezda said...

I like tints of green in your garden, one orange flower says: But I'm not green!

Randy said...

I love the scent of Monarda too. I had several different types in the garden, but it quickly took over and I had to remove it. I put some in the “Catch All” bed and I may regret it down the road. It’s such a gorgeous flower I couldn’t get rid of it completely.

Rose said...

Green is beautiful, too. We've been experiencing extreme heat and no rain for weeks, so I'm just thankful to see anything blooming and green foliage instead of brown. I understand why you couldn't resist 'Little Lime'--there's always room for one more hydrangea, isn't there:)

Karen said...

Your garden is lovely as always! That last shot is a beaut!

Barry said...

Personally I am afraid come August there is going to be a lot of green in the gardens as so many things got off to an early start this year! Of course, there are a few distinct things that are also somewhat behind.... we will have to wait and see but there really is nothing wrong with having a lot of green as we shadier gardeners know! Hope this heat hasn't floored you yet! Try and stay cool!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Nadezda girl : )
I think you are absolutely right !
This coneflower says I am a star! LOL

Randy I had terrible luck with other monarda .. but Petite Delight has behaved itself, so far .. yes it does multiple but it is easy to tame and it does have that resistance to powdery mildew so it is a treat in my garden.
I love your idea of the "Catch All" that is a fabulous idea and come to think of it most of us have a little corner for that type of thing .. great minds think alike ? wink wink

Rose girl how are you !
This heat and so little rain is the brown monster coming to town scenario .. I dread it but there is only so much I can manage with loads of guilt thrown in ?
I love Little Lime and you are so right girl!

Thank you so much Karen girl : )
I am way behind in visiting blogs .. either working in the garden or flat on the floor .. I know you know what I mean ;-)

Mr. Shade Vampire how are ya'! LOL
I dread this weather Barry .. the conditions I have just floor me if I am exposed to heat like that .. thus work in the garden is cut way back .. ergo poor garden suffers .. it can be a vicious cycle but we know that .. the shadier side is much easier ! haha

Marguerite said...

Joy, your dashes of colour are just the right amount to keep things interesting. Little Lime? is that a new smaller version of limelight?

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Ohhh, your Little Lime is a gem! I was just thinking I wanted more lime in my garden to provide some depth to all the white.

BTW, your header photo is absolutely gorgeous!! :)

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Marguerite girl !
Yes !! Lime Light would have been a problem since it is fairly large but this new cultivar is around 3'x3' perfect for smaller spaces .. I may even add another one if I can find it .. things are being packed up in some garden centers now, so I have to be quick! LOL

Hello Ms S girl and thank you so much : ) .. this little wonder will eventually have white flowers then move on to a pink tinge so it is really interesting .. you should get one girl !!

Lona said...

Your garden looks so refreshing. I love that coneflower amongst the green Joy. It makes it really stand out. Your Petite Monarda is so pretty. Mine died out over our mild winter. Go figure? Have a wonderful weekend my friend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lona girl I was just over to your place and that was a great tour !
All the plants look wonderful .. hard to believe in the heat you are going through ! This is one monarda I haven't managed to kill so I am a happy gardener : ) I love that spicy aroma to them !

RobinL said...

Yes, the flower blooms are a bit faded this time of year, so it's nice you have such lovely foliage to fall back on. I have a purple monarda called Grande Parade that never shows mildew and behaves so nicely, but it never does spread around like I would like it to. But you're right, the smell is wonderful!

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I am in the same situation with some areas that are shades of green and that's okay. I also have Little Lime Hydrangea with eaten leaves, small still but lots of flower buds. I hope it will grow a little bigger, supposed to be three feet.


Cat said...

I have missed you as I was on a wild journey through the East Coast (sadly south of you). I will post about it later this weekend.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Robin girl I was just over to your place and I know how you feel about the garden suffering so much with the heat,drought and those wicked beetles .. and recovering with that knee which I hope you are resting!!
I will have to look for that monarda because it sounds great and more of that scent is such a treat : )
Thanks for the recommendation !!

Eileen your last post is a stunner with so much good information and beautiful pictures !
I agree totally with the change in the way we choose plants and how we plant them .. the weather is changing and we have to change too!
I actually bought 2 more Little Lime because I am fixated on them(usually happens with some plant each year) Yes .. they are supposed to be 3x3' .. but I don't mind if they are smaller .. we just have to wait and see what they will do ? LOL

Cat girl ! You have been on adventures and I can't wait to read about them : ) ... that last post was really interesting .. I am always curious about that part of ourselves .. mysterious !!

Anonymous said...

Joy ~ you have so many interesting textures & foliages in your garden it is never "just green!" I love your eye when it comes to plant combinations.
Pretty echinacea ~ 'Summer Sky?'
Have you posted pics of the passion flower you are growing this year?? If so, I've missed them but would love to see...