Monday, 1 October 2012

Creepy Monday ?

OK ... I don't really have anything that falls into the true "creepy" mode this time .. but .. perhaps these raggedy shots of what was supposed to be a "harvest" moon are kind of creepy if you use your imagination?
We had cloud cover and rain Saturday and Sunday night .. but this is what I caught Friday night and if you think of a few flashes of lightening and thunder it could be CREEPY !!


Rose said...

I think these photos look like the perfect setting for one of those classic horror films--Frankenstein or Dracula, maybe! I just realized it's October 1 and time to get some pumpkins and Halloween decorations out. I know this is an exciting time of year for you, Joy.

Heather said...

Hey Joy! Oooh, I love these pics... definitely perfect for Halloween!!! I'll post the pics I took last night soon too... love your new header to fit the occasion too! Hugs.

meggie said...

Hi Joy girl, that looks very spooky!!

Are you fine?
Did you get my email from 19 Sept?

Take care, dear!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Rose girl !
I enjoyed your talk about the not so Obedient plants ;-)
I have had my pumpkins out for a bit .. I have to take pictures of them and me , being me, I forgot to water my pots of mums so I don't know if they are still "with us"? haha
Yup ! I love this time of year : )

Heather girl I just saw your photos on your blog and they were wonderful ! what a treat to see the Northern Lights !!! That was wonderful girl .. I am so jealous of your beautiful surroundings .. it is heavenly : )

Meggie gilr I was just over to your place and wow! it is so full of Fall colour with the vines turning RED ! ... I loved seeing all the birds too .. you have been very busy with your game haven't you girl ? ;-) LOL YES .. got your e-mail thank you !

RURAL magazine said...

Joy, those photos definitely inspire spooky halloweeny feelings...

Very nice job.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

PS love your header.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hey there Jen girl!
thanks .. I have some other ones that I played around in Picasa with and they are sort of .. hum .. abstract!