Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ode to my Stag Horn Sumac Tree

I have to create some kind of appreciation "ode" to my Stag Horn Sumac tree ... it has been with me for many years and now it is going to be removed ...
All the time I lived in the Netherlands I was amazed to see these Sumacs there and how some of them were trained to look almost ancient.
It was absolutely stunning to see .. then again, all plants, trees etc., that the Dutch cared for, were gorgeous.
So when we came back to Canada .. here in our little nest, I was determined to have a Sumac.
 Despite all the warnings about colonization problems that it would create .. and it did, and will do even when the parent tree is removed, for a while.
I loved it and trained it in a very unusual way, so it looked almost like a palm tree.
The two main trunks that many a time I took advantage of the lovely shadow it cast for my Shadow Shot meme.
The top was a mass of wonderful green leaves that turned gorgeous Halloween colours in October.
It's life cycle is coming to a close .. and it is time to move on.
But I had to show my appreciation for all of the pleasure it gave me through the year.
Especially in October when it became my Halloween Tree : )

In its prime !


Unknown said...

aww, pass the tissue.

Heather said...

Wow, it was beautiful! I bet you will miss it, I know I would....Hugs!

Nadezda said...

Joy, this sumac is wonderful,I love the color of its leaves. Also I liked the top picture of your blog: cats, cats, pumpkin,pumpkin,pumpkin!
You did it very pretty!

CiNdEe said...

What happened to the tree? Just old age or something else? My sumac died but of course there are many babies around.(-:
I also wanted to wish you a wonderful Birthday(-:

Karen said...

Oh how sad, but it was a lovely tree!

Lona said...

I love the red berries and leaves on the sumac this time of the year. Have a good week Joy.


I salute you, O Sumac. May you live on in the great compost heap in the sky.

Marguerite said...

oh no, Joy when you said you were having a tree removed I had no idea it was this one. What a shame as this was a really unique specimen.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Darla girl ... I did need the tissue!

Yes Heather girl .. looking at that blank space right now is sad .. but it will be filled next Spring: )

Thank you so much Nadezda girl, it is rather Halloweeny right ? Now we need some bright beautiful Autumn days!

Hello Karen girl : )
Yes .. it was sad .. the chainsaw noise got to me .. I felt guilty but it had to be done ;-(

Thanks Lona girl .. it was a beautiful tree .....

Gracie you made me laugh! THANK YOU!!

Yes Marguerite girl .. it was a very unique sumac and I am proud of how I trained it .. I know Golden Spirit smoke bush will be beautiful too : )

Cindee girl I almost missed you in the comments here ..thanks so much : )
It ran its course here and it was time for it to be taken out .. kind of sad .. but gardens go through this eh?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Too bad it had to go. I know you will mourn it. What will you replace it with? Love the shadows.