Thursday, 1 August 2013

Rabbits and Rain Dances

We had two visitors in the garden this week ... well, they have been here most likely a lot of times.
It was a fluke that we caught sight of them early evening and I tried to capture some shots ..
Rabbits are FAST, duh ? ... I guess we all know that .. and they seem to especially like my asters .. which is fine with me  ... plants usually grow back .. seeing them enjoying my garden is a treat for my husband and I.
I know lots of gardeners groan about them .. I'm sorry .. life is precious to me .. except for aphids, earwigs and ants ? LOL

Little Lamb hydrangea is hiding behind Karl Foerster grass but you can see how big it is all bent over .. I tried to cut the heaviest ones off to relieve the weight .. I have them in a vase in the kitchen, hoping to dry them to keep over winter.
... and Little Lime is scattered around the garden with flower heads bobbing too !

Tiny Tuff Stuff has put on a lot of foliage growth so I am thinking it is happy ... so far !
I am hoping to see some flowers from it next year .. fingers crossed.
Evening Star Thalictrum is putting out its tiny jewels for me even in it's first time planted in my garden.
Thank you again Chris from Canning for that suggestion : )
Joe Pye is as handsome as ever .... ans so tall ! .. he towers over me : )
The pollinators are going to be humming away on these flowers very soon !

Southern Bush Honeysuckle draws them in as well and carries it's weight to provide sweet attraction !

Things may look green for the most part but we have brown fried grass on some of the path ways .. I won't waste water on grass though .. garden plants come first !

 Double Scoop Raspberry echinacea is a new one for me and I am loving it .. because it is trying so hard to multiple it's flower heads and bloom it's little heart out for me : )
So finally a little bit of rain fell but it is SO NOT ENOUGH ! ... I have to take what I can get and hope for more over night ?
This "drought" happened so quickly I was caught by surprise ..I just hope my garden forgives me ?


meggie said...

Hi Joy girl!
Your garden looks so great!
During our vacation our garden was wet, wet. And since we are back
from Fehmarn, the heat started!
And all is dry, dry, dry and I have
to water everything

Today it's very hot - now at 11.30
already 30°

Take care!

Balisha said...

I love your yard and the choices you made. Another walkway done so beautifully.
I love to watch the rabbits too. It seems they think my lettuce patch is for them alone.

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness, I just haven't been reading my fave blogs for too long now, I really need to catch up! I adore the new look, plus the garden is looking stunning! Wee bit jealous of the bunnies -great photos xxxx

Rose said...

I think rabbits are so cute, too. But then they never have bothered my garden too much, or else I might have a little different attitude:) We have two foxes visiting us lately, and they've been fun to watch, too. I was worried whether they would bother the cats when they're outside, but so far they're too shy to come close enough, and the cats are smart enough to stay close to me. But I have noticed an absence of rabbits lately...

Hope you get some much-needed rain!

Marguerite said...

I love rabbits too Joy, they're just so darn cute! I think the issue is when there are too many rabbits and not enough plants. then it's war :) I'm keeping an eye on how your Little Lamb performs, mine has not grown much and there's very little droop happening but I'm wondering if down the road it will need something to help prop it up.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Meggie girl!
Thank you, and what I saw of yours it does too! .. I think both of us will be very glad to have Autumn finally come next month: )

Hello Balisha and thank you very much! Yes I think our little ones think the garden is just for them as well .. too funny ;-)

Carrie girl hello there and wow! You worked very hard to clean that area up .. it looks wonderful .. funny what some cool beers can do for you? LOL

Hello Rose girl and thank you : ) we did get some rain but we can always use more. Yes, I think the presence of the fox family might just keep the rabbits at bay ? eekk!

Hello Marguerite girl .. you are right about the equation of food to rabbits and other little animals.
My Little Lamb should have been better supported .. I dropped the ball on that. I have had it for quite a few years , my first hydrangea actually (loved the name?LOL) .. now I am trying to dry some flowers .. have to wait for them to age a bit .. have a blush to them for the look to be right.


I love those sweet little rabbits. Your garden is incredible, Joy. You should be so proud. I hope you receive more rain. Then nice, cool sunshine.