Friday, 1 August 2014

Friday Question

Yes ... I am the type of person who always has questions ... when we were first married it drove my husband crazy ... then he just got used to it .. and I guess I slowed down with them but ? I will always have questions.
First ... I am cramming in a few shots I took the other day with my DSLR.
I make myself use it so I will get more familiar with it ... even now we are barely on the "first date" standing.

One last Eyeliner lily that looked pretty enough to take a picture of .. I was disappointed it had no scent .
But the form and white with contrast freckles and lining was very pretty.
So a mid range review for it .. also? if there is no scent to draw the dreaded beetle in, I guess that is another positive point !

Kahome filipendula .... has been showing more colour on it's leaves so this was a bonus I didn't expect when I had read about the mini me plant ... I think it looks great and looking forward to more colour accenting these pretty leaves.

Morden Sunrise .. I have two  of these beauties but I have been treating them badly (guilt guilt)
I transplanted one to a hot difficult spot and this one is fighting for breath between conflowers, shrubs, other roses and dill ... but look how gorgeous she still is !

Julia Child surprises me with the range of gold/yellow to such paleness as this ivory .. so delicate looking.
And .. because I have been lazy , I have had a bad problem with black spot.
I swear even in this last month I am going to do that simple baking soda/soap/hort oil spray.
It is on my list today !

I just had to add a blow your socks off "Orange Velvet" shot .. it is a tougher rose and I have been trying to keep the horizontal weaving that is suggested for climbing roses to keep the roses close to you instead of up in the sky !
I think it is working : )

Intense colour keeps up with some of my heuchera .. mixed with the Parsley fern and lavender.

My standard BIG Joe Pye is flowering ... I love having tall plants against the fence and showing off there !

This is Twinkle clematis in it's "skeleton" stage .. I really like the bare bones of the seed heads thus it stays on display to make me grin every time I see it !

My native veronacastrum is finally blooming ... 
it is a late season one and more subtle than the cultivated Lavender Towers ... but still so pretty in it's own way.

Dazzelberry sedum is eye candy next to my golden sage, it actually looks better in person ... 
I wish I had picked up two of them, like I did with Voo Doo sedum which is another one I really like that is new to me this year.
I give a thumbs up on both of them.

Another "I should have gotten 2 of them" ? ... Buzz Ivory buddleia .. it took off and grew to the perfect size as almost a footer for what is supposed to be Grand Peach Cobbler behind it .. which has done very little to make me say anything positive about it (Grand Peach Cobbler).
The Buzz is fantastic though ! Thumbs up !

Cheyenne Spirit has been brilliant ! .. 
I have yet to get a really good picture of the multitude of different coloured bloom on the very same plant .. but I will !
This is a definite thumbs up plant for which I know I already reviewed, but it keeps making me say good things about it. 

I planted a new large Russian sage with the new butterfly weed I have from mail order .. 
Previously I had both plants for a few years then they seemed to have died out .. 
I guess that was the case of a short life span.
However we need these type of plants in our gardens for the pollinators, 
So I am happy to have them back again .. fingers crossed they survive the winter of "I wonder what that will be like?" 

My idea of training clematis up my old lilac tree may work .. the true test will come next year.
Since it is so late in the season the flowers are very small but very pretty .. I planted two to cover my bets?

Coneflowers wrestling with dill to be able to smile at me ?
I love dill and plant it every where I can .. 
I think it helps keeps the bugs away from the roses.

Possible sign of Autumn ?? hahaha ... maybe !
OK .... if you were able to wade through all of this nonsense you might remember I had a question
I was wondering if anyone was interested in a meme day that would be about reviewing a plant or two in our gardens.
It would be short and simple .. giving your grow zone .. why you picked the plants and it can be good or bad.
In fact it would be interesting to have one of both if you can manage it.
Anybody out there game ? to do this ?


Anonymous said...

I think the plant review meme idea is a good one. I sometimes prefer to concentrate on one particular plant in a post. Sometimes writing about many at once makes blogging seem like a Herculean task!

Northern Beauty Seeker said...

Love the Julia Child--a rose after my own heart! Your clematis idea is a charmer. Can't wait to see it next year.

But...but...a red leaf??? My blood pressure just jumped! Mother Nature up to her tricks. Tell me I'm right??? Lol

Martine-Alsace said...

Hi, I've been following your posts all the way from my garden in Alsace France. You may wonder why, well it's just because my husband and I love Canada, once or twice a year we fly to your beautiful country and stay for a few weeks...and it's so interesting to see what gardeners in other countries do in their garden. I love the idea of planting a clematis in your lilac tree!
Come and visit me, we'll have a virtual cup of tea! Martine
A garden in Alsace France

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

OHMYGOSH, Joy, some amazing shots! What gorgeous flowers. And you're certainly not alone in that guilt of being lazy...and now dealing with black spot. I'm part of that club. In my defense, I'll say that I've had TONS of garden chores and fell behind on some. But now that the major jobs are complete, I promise to do better this month on the rest of the garden responsibilities :)

I LOVE the 'Orange Velvet'. How stunning. I added a new rose to the garden this year and it is an amazing performer. It's called "Rosa Grandiflora 'Tournament of Roses'", and the darn thing started blooming as soon as I planted it. Or so it seemed. And it hasn't stopped. Love it.

As for the meme, I'm game! I would participate with some of my plants, good and bad. I have so many in my garden that it would be easy to select some to write about. I would also try my best to be consistent; it all depends on how often we'd do this. What did you have in mind? Weekly? Bi-weekly?

RURAL said...

Oh my goodness Joy..I simply want to wander through your garden with my camera and a notepad...taking notes, getting inspired, taking photos....sigh.

Hope you didn't get that big storm.


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there CC
I think you are very right about concentrating on one or two at the most .. more details can be told and I think it would be a great little data base for gardeners like us !

Ms. S. girl hello there !
LOL .. that red leaf was a stunner eh ? hah .. but the berries are still small and green so it is a fluke leaf .. no worries !
Yes I hope this idea works I really would love to see my old lilac full of blooms after it might bloom some lilacs for me!

Hello Martine ! I left a comment and an e-mail for you . Thank you so much : ) I hope my idea plays out .. I would like to link your post on the new tool you were trying out .. it is handy !

Martha girl hello there and thank you so much : )
Black spot is a mission for me too!
Orange velvet is a strong rose, I have had it for a few years and really like it.
I'll have to check out your rose now too! haha another plant to buy?
I have to think about the meme some more but I want it to be flexible so people don't panic about commitment .. just have a day like say Thursday to day a review .. maybe call it Thursday's Garden Review ? on a plant , a garden tool, some method for taking care of bugs or black spot.
What ever the person wants to review is great .. then just link back to me as the original post generator : )

Jen girl .. no we were lucky not to be in the tornado path it is scary how many are happening in Ontario now though .. it makes you think about the poor people caught by them.

rochefleuriegarden said...

Your pictures are always so vivid and attractive!
The storm was South of us - not a drop of rain here! We could do with some.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Alain you are always so sweet to me, thank you : )
We have had the noise of thunder the past days but NO rain so it is time to drag the hose around !
I am afraid August is going to be a nasty month to end our garden season with.