Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday Garden Review

I should have done a time scheduled post for today ... instead I am throwing one together in a panic because I totally forgot my own little meme .. now how sad is that ?
I had a rather stressful day yesterday so I was totally thrown off .. BIG DUH !
That is my story and I am sticking to it !

So what is my garden theme today ?
Creating little vignettes in your garden.
I love the sense of wandering through a garden but feeling like you are entering different "rooms" of the same house .. the rooms vary due to different sun values or position or even just the inventiveness of the gardener to arrange a setting that gives you pleasure.
My hat goes off to all the Fairy Garden(ers) ... those tiny jewels are absolutely amazing !

One of my most favorite areas is that of our rain barrel section where I have trained a Tiger Eye Sumac with ferns , heuchera and hosta ... and a rambunctious vine that I have to keep an eye on.
I threw some blue glass beads in the dry stream bed to keep the fish company .. added some rustic lanterns and a little piece of drift wood and voila` a little scenario is created.
 This mirror was such a great find at one of our stores called  Home Sense ..
It is very heavy and will be coming in the house for the winter, I don't want it to crack or get damaged.
The colour blends in and the design is interesting.
The reflection is the icing on the cake !
The different size rocks mimic a very small dry stream bed ... I am just a big kid that still loves to play with rocks so that is another reason this is one of my favorite places in my garden.

This is is how it looks from the back .. I plan on adding Japanese Painted ferns to the Ostrich ones because I find what ever bugs love munching on the Ostrich ferns do NOT like Japanese ferns .. so a natural pesticide!
I will also replace Fire Island hosta with something more slug proof .. those poor hosta have put up with enough now.

I find in my own garden that every so many meters there is a subtle change in "atmosphere" that you can play with to creating different "rooms" even in small gardens ...  just go with your instinct about how you think you would like it to look .. add those special plants and little garden art objects .. and just enjoy !


rochefleuriegarden said...

It is a beautiful vignette. Looking at your pictures, I am always impressed how neat your garden is. It is like a little jewel while mine just now is like a jungle!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Alain you are too sweet ! Thank you!
Believe me my gardens can be a total chaotic mess at times .. pictures are focused on the good parts ! LOL

Martine-Alsace said...

Hi! What a clever idea to use a mirror in the garden, I just love it! But does it withstand the rain? Great post, I always stop by to see what's going on. Have a nice week-end!
A garden in Alsace France

Barbarapc said...

I never would have thought of putting the mirror on the ground. It looks really good - a lovely surprise in a border. Excellent idea for little gardens, or as a vignette - also thinking of maybe using a frame without the mirror, hmmmmm.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Martine : )
Yes the mirror has been through some rough weather so it does survive it quite well .. I just wouldn't leave it out during the winter though .. that would probably crack it for sure ! Have a great weekend too!

Hi there Barbara !
Yes it is perfect for small gardens to reflect back different areas .. and as a vignette : )
Frames would be fantastic too .. thanks for the idea girl!

Jennifer said...

Sorry to have missed your Thursday meme. I am just back from Nova Scotia and had a great time.
I also love the idea of garden "rooms". You have featured a really pretty area of your garden Joy. I love the mix of pebble sizes, the fish, mirror and drift wood. They create such a nice vignette. By the way, how is that Golden Sumac doing with suckering?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jennifer I just saw your comment now
.. thank you !no problems with the Tiger Eye Sumac at all .. nothing like the Stag Horn sumac which was a nightmare even though I loved it.
Hope it was a great trip to NS !!

Casa Mariposa said...

What a beautiful room you've created! I love the mirror. Do you have to clean it a lot or does it stay clear? Knowing my luck, mine would be covered in bird poop.