Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Garden PA To The Rescue !

Yesterday was a banner day garden wise and Picasa wise ...
What  ??? I mention Picasa when I moaned and groaned about losing it in the wake of a new computer and Windows 10 !!!
Well ... some how while I was hacking away at the jungle, Garden PA managed to retrieve Picasa for me from my old files that were transferred, hidden in secret on here.
My HERO !!!!
Talk about HAPPY ? Ecstatic !! ... so one leg up on photo editing from a program I was so happy with.

OK .. so back to the jungle .. the pictures I am posting are a couple of days old so they don't translate to how crazy the growth got with actual rain happening here.
June's weather is what May was supposed to be and vice versa .. go figure ?

Shady picture but showing the Goat's Beard blooming ... one of my oldest plants times two.
I have a thing of buying two of plants I really like if coast allows that is.

Schubertii allium are bursting forth and have that wonderful light scent I love.

Twinkle is beginning to TWINKLE

Another shady picture but it seems to really highlight the veining of Pinot Gris.
This is another "old" .. hum ? "Senior" ? plant of mine that yet again needs to be divided.
Sadly I lost half of my Tiger Eye Sumac but it is trying so hard to regrow the one "arm" left of it.
I have some "baby" trees  ... can't seem to stop collecting them but a different one is the Fringe Tree.
I can't wait to have it grow up enough to put out the scented white fluffy flowers.
Warsaw Nike is stretching out between two supports and still groaning about room .. he is a beast but a gorgeous one so I have to try and treat him? right !
Long view from the back gate .. it is hard to believe how BARE this was just a few months ago.
Note to self ... stop all the groaning from February to May !


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am so glad to hear you are happy now that your Picasa has been reinstated. Your garden looks marvelous. Don't you love those senior plants that just keep on giving! You grow things that i can't. I love the way your garden looks like a mosaic with lovely textures.

rochefleuriegarden said...

Glad to hear the Picassa problem was solved. I can understand a lot of hassle was averted.

Martine-Alsace said...

So happy that you found your beloved picasa again!

Pat said... the heck do you keep the weeds out between the pavers (your walk way) ?

Used to have goat's beard, many plants are no longer with me. Oh no, your famous sumac ...this saddens me. Allium looks like fire works, very cool. I'm still doing fencing (the dogs), moving blocks and trying to kill ivy. The sun and allergies are knocking me out so some days I do nothing. What's ya gonna do. :0

CiNdEe said...

So glad you got your photo program back! I know how that is. I can't use anything but paint shop(-:
All your pictures are amazing!

Buttons Thoughts said...

I am so happy you found your program. Windows 10 had taken my photo program away but when I whined about it on my blog it came back. Do you think Windows 10 has spies?:) None-the-less we both have what we need. I love your photos and who cares about the coincidence or spying thing right?? :):) Hug B

Jennifer said...

I would be loath for you to see my garden Joy. It really is a jungle! Your garden looks so nice in the header and all the long views. My goat's beard is far from flowering. Fun eh, when we are just half a provence away from one another. I am definitely looking for that peach heuchera the next time I'm at the greenhouse. I admire it every time you show it. And I just love,love the fireworks your alliums are sending off. Where did you get them? Have a terrific weekend! It is supposed to be really hot and humid tomorrow, but Sunday should be nice.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Lisa girl thank you so much : ) I did lose one senior plant and couldn't find it at the garden centers here (I would have done it in a mail order if I knew I had lost it .. anise hyssop!)
Yes ! I am so happy to have Picasa back but now I have to find a "main" program .. looking at free ones .. the search for programs and plants is never over ? haha

Yes Alain .. it is so annoying when you love a program for certain aspects and it was taken away from you .. but Garden PA got it back and I am VERY happy again .. thanks for dropping by!

Martine girl thank you .. yes .. life is good once again ? LOL

Patsi girl .. it is just so new the weeds haven't found their way in yet .. no doubt they will so hang on for weedy pictures ? haha
I do have "half" my sumac very much alive and kicking .. just looks a little sad without it's partner. hey don't drive yourself into the ground girl .. just take those days off .. I know I have to do it too !

Thank you so much Cindee girl ... I hope things are calmer where you are now ? I know it is stressful with what is going on .. I have been thinking of you : )

Grace girl thank you so much ! I have been having issues with W 10 .. it gets "hung up" some times and I have to shut off my computer and start again .. it is getting annoying .. this program SUCKS ! .. I am thinking of putting tape over my camera eye .. even though I don't use it I still wonder ? hahaha .. seeing me first thing in the morning should stop any spies COLD ! haha

Jennifer girl how are you ! Yes it is weird being not that far from each other yet such different experiences in the garden . We just had a great downpour of rain and the garden needed it so I am very happy about that .. the sprinklers are due to come on tomorrow morning but hey .. all is good ! That is one of my favorite heucheras too.. the allium all started from Grace's blog Gardening with Grace .. when I saw it I fell for it .. I got the bulbs from Vesey's I think .. I couldn't find them here in Kingston. Schubertii seem to be a little rare.
Hope Sunday is nice .. I have plants to plant yet again ! haha

Barry said...

The gardens are looking spectacular Joy. Been a while since I have visited.... sorry, but work has been screamingly busy of late. Best May 24 I can remember. I especially love the photo that shows the long narrow walkway at what I take to be the side of your house. So many textures, and so lush and full. This is what a garden is supposed to look like! Hope you are able to get out and enjoy your garden more this year...... fingers crossed!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Sweetie .. just saw those amazing pictures of your special kids .. beautiful !
Thank you so much but there is always more tweaking as you know going on.
No worries on visiting ... I know you are run off your feet at the nursery and I am glad the business is doing so well ! Thank you for the crossed fingers I am trying my best : )

Martha said...

Great news about your photo editor! What a relief that must be. Oh, your garden, Joy! I love it so. And those walkways are spectacular. I bet you don't miss the lawn!