Monday, 6 April 2020

Life and the "Pink Moon" Event

I think we are all entitled to some distracted thinking, directed at the garden about now ?
You get too overwhelmed listening to the news , absorbing far too much negativity.
My son would laugh at this statement since I am the queen of pessimism and negative outcomes.
However this is a break away post of hope and opportunity.

I took some moon pictures last night hoping to get a jump on the upcoming "Pink Moon
The first full moon of Spring and the "Paschal Full Moon" ...
I am a bit early but usually with our luck we have cloudy skies on the exact night .. so I am taking advantage of the right time and place for me.
Place being my bedroom window or our deck ... preview from last night !

I had to tone down some of the bright reflective light so more detail could be displayed.
It still amazes me that I can capture this beauty.

Other distractions ? .. this fiery mornings still happen
Yes .. same view but it still draws me to it.
Garden news ? .. my new "toys"
New birdhouses always makes me happy .. new hand rake which always seems to disappear each Fall.
A dibbler which I have never had .. the proper round bulb digger ? .. which again, I haven't had before .. better late than never ?
Finally a new sun catcher for the deck door .. I managed to break the last one some how, the suction cup and I had a disagreement ?
It is essential because some of our little birds mistake the deck door for an open space.

The garden is VERY slow to wake up .. some what of a desert right ?
There is life forcing it's way through .. allium are ones you can count on.
A "green" Milky Bellflower and Angelina are good friends here.
Poster kids for what will fill this spot in all season.
Plus some question marks as usual.
The thought of this Dwarf Korean Lilac and how gorgeous is looks and smells , keeps me going !
This Christmas fern has truly been an ever green all year .. and moss is a favorite of mine.
Ok .. it is only fair to show a weed or two .. because my moss is fine with it until I am not ?
So as barren as most of the garden looks .. POTENTIAL is the mindset .. it will happen ;-)
Speaking of mindset ... lets keep that light inside of us going .. even just a flicker helps.


Carrie said...

HOPE everywhere in this post!!
Love your new garden buys - I'm determined i shall make some birdhouses myself I've done it before and we have lots of bits of wood at the plot :) LOVE your sun catcher too.
The garden my look a little desert like at the minute but you have so much beauty lying there in wait for just the right moment and them bam - growth everywhere :) So glad to see in the annotated photo you have ??? written - you amaze me by always seeming to know the exact names of everything in you garden I am reassured you are human and have forgotten one. haha
FABULOUS photos of the sun and moon - thank goodness nature just ticks along and provides constant beauty.
hugs xx

Unknown said...

Fantastic moon shots! Sorry that sounded like an alcoholic drink! Lol
That big beautiful moon shining down on this virus infected planet ! Beauty and the Beast!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love those moon photos. I was out last night watching the moon too. Tonight that cold front is supposed to blow through with rain etc. I will embrace this day. It is to be almost 80F. Crazy warm but I will appreciate it .
Your garden hold so much promise. I love your moss. You have a darker color of moss between your stones. Love it. I have introduced a darker green around my little stone path. I hope it takes.
An interesting way to mark your plants. I should do something like that so I know where plants are. Not quite sure how you did that. I guess I could learn to do it.
My lilacs are budding up beautifully and they are predicting snow here for the end of the week. I hope the lower temps don't ruin the blooms.
Your Christmas fern survived looking much better than mine. They did survive that is all I can say about mine.
Have a great week.

Casa Mariposa said...

How did you get those amazing pictures??? WOW! I didn't realize you were a pessimist. I'm an eternal optimist but a realistic optimist. I think the world's in the shitter right now but that things will get better.

Snowbird said...

Wow, what an amazing set pf pics of the moon! Ican never capture her, even with my canon long lens. Love the sunrise too, I don't often see it being a night owl! Loving your garden toys, especially the suncatcher. Funny, my tools disappear each year, they have been known to reappear years later in compost heaps and such.Lovely to see your garden waking up, and all the plants you have to look forward too. Yes....lets all keep the hope burning. Hugs, stay

Jenn Jilks said...

It's that time of year!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello All you lovely gardeners !

Carrie ;-) how true is it that nature ticks away even as we moan and groan about situations.
It is our stead fast friend . even if we have to be patient (a lot) at times ? LOL
Yup ! I have some delayed plant memory problems in some spots until they pop up and smile at me .. haha ... thanks for all the encouragement girl .. I need a bit right now .. take care!!

Hello unknown (is that you Lindy ? LOL) .. I laughed over the "moon shots" thing , I thought that was pretty darn FUNNY in fact ! .. and yes .. looking from the sky the earth shows no sign of the turmoil it is in with humans .. I think it is trying ot spit us out actually and I don't blame it .. better days ahead hopefully ?

My god Lisa that is a HEAT WAVE ! .. I took shoots early two days before the full event because I knew it would probably be cloud on the official night .. glad I did !
Yes .. I am a moss LOVER .. I hope to have it take hold over most of the cracks and what not .. I have a good collection of lichen too on my old drift wood.
The virtual tagging of plants is from an old Picasa program .. I use a couple of programs but I rely on that one for the most part.
Our lilacs take much longer .. I have a couple of Xmas ferns but that one is the oldest and got through the winter looking the best .. I hope the rest perk up eventually !

Tammy you mean you are a pragmatist ? LOL .. I have been a pessimist since I was a kid, always finding a black cloud some where ? LOL ..actually no gardener can be a complete pessimist right ? LOL .. Yes, the world is basically in the toilet but every so many decades humans just have to screw things up with their carelessness and inhumanity (see that is where my pessimism comes in ? haha) .. but if we are LUCKY enough, smart enough, HUMANE enough ... we might survive all of this and come out better HOPEFULLY !

Hello Snowbird ;-) my longest lens is only 200ft. and really doesn't cut it for moon pics .. so I use an easy Sony 50x magnification point and shoot and have been lucky to get the right contrast light level in the sky (right time at dusk) that makes all the difference in moon shots. Sadly I have lost a lot of the view that I have been taking sunrises through out the years .. too many trees and shrubs over rowing my line of sight.
But .. Spring is coming for us .. that sounds ominous ? LOL .. fingers crossed !

Hi there Jen .. yup ! good Spring days plaster smiles on our faces ;-)

Jason said...

I'm so impressed that you can remember where all your plants are. I'm wandering around my garden wondering "what's that?" and "what did I have here?".

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Jason hello there ... believe me I still have a lot of "blank" moments which drives me potty but for the most part I think ? I have a handle on things until some plants SURPRISE me ?LOL