Saturday, 10 October 2020

The Time of the Toad

My last blooming plant is a show stopper for me and looks especially pretty with Japanese Forest grass and Ghost Fern as a foil.

 I thought if I did a series of shots leading up to a final close up , it might give you a better sense of proportion with how small and delicate these toad lilies look.

However, they are very tenacious and survive our Canadian winters even though they look like they might have the status of an orchid.

I have a few other beauties .. the blue asters just keep blooming their little heads off.

Insects keep visiting the anemone
The wax bells are just about done
My anonymous fern looks hardy here but I won't know for sure until next Spring.
I have three red twig dogwood shrubs lined up against the back fence and I am hoping to see bright red colour from them during the winter.
Speaking of colour .. yes I am still fascinated by this little beauty.
This Golden Spirit cotinus is trying to be "golden" now
Lastly  ... how "Autumn" can a plant look, as the foliage of an azalea ?


Lisa said...

Oh, my, that toad lily is incredible! As you say, it looks so delicate. Alas, I don't have proper shade areas for something like that.

Alana said...

It's almost the end of the growing season for us both. You still have a lot to look at. Your pink anemones interested me. I have white Japanese anemones and would you believe, I have never seen any insects on them. I wonder why. My pink turtleheads are nearly done. I have never been able to succeed with toad lilies; I have no idea why but I should try again. And, like you, my purple asters are doing so well.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Joy your garden is stunning even during autumn. My poor little toads look awful. They need rain. I water to try to keep them alive but they look so beat up.
On a happier note... Happy Thanksgiving to you. I hope you and your family ate lots and had a good visit.

Snowbird said...

I adore your toad lily, it's gorgeous. I had one, I must go check if it's still around. The wax bells are stunning, I haven't come across them before. You have so much colour, it is lovely to

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello "sunflower" Lisa ;-) .. they are indeed incredible for their tenacity with our harsh Canadian winters .. they just make you smile because they seem to be the last flower blooming and they do such a good job of it ?

Hi there Alana .. yes, it is the end of the season and panic mode to plant Spring bulbs and put the gardens to bed! I did have older variety white anemones but the double pink ones are my favorite .. these are new to me as well and i only hope they make it through our winter. I used to have pink Turtlehead .. I think I have to have some again ? LOL
I wonder why you have a hard time with toad lily .. shade can vary and they can be sensitive at times .. moisture too is a factor .. my asters do so well in spite of me ! LOL

Hi there Lisa girl ! Thank you ;-) .. I know you have had a terribly dry year and that does impact the plants immensely .. I am so grateful for our sprinkler system, otherwise I wouldn't have a garden .. thank you about Thanksgiving ! I really hope you guys have a much happier one this year ... fingers crossed ... and I really mean that ! LOL

Hello Snowbird and thank you ! I wonder if wax bells do well where you are .. shade and moisture is the key .. I'm sure they should do well .. I love the last blooming of the toad lily .. it is kind of sad too .. but that is our garden year Time to cut back and plant bulbs !

Hoover Boo said...

Beautiful photos, every one.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thank you Hoover Boo ;-)

RobinL said...

How is autumn progressing now dear Joy? We’ve had a glorious fall, but two light frosts took their toll. And today, there was even a little snow in the air, with a hard frost expected. Phooey. But meanwhile, your autumn flowers are lovely indeed. Do you know I’ve never grown toad lilies? Cute little speckled things!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Robin girl .. I just saw you post and wow ! so many gorgeous photos ! Loved the costume too ! We have had snow and hard frost ... it all happened very quickly after we had a little Autumn show of colour that went too quickly.
You should give Toad Lily a try .. they are such a pretty little flower to see in the Autumn, something to look forward to ! Now on with the winter .. BIG sigh !