Saturday, 25 June 2022

Jewels in your garden

My gardens are, for the most part, more about foliage so flowers are almost like bonuses ? However there are lag times in between the fabulous Spring show and the beginning of the summer to Autumn show. At those times little jewels can appear to keep us in awe with how amazing they can be. Martagon lilies are that hit of colour among all the different shades of greenery.

That hit of "bronze" peeking out with new foliage in that striking tone, I can never have enough of it !
I'm not sure how well this shows up but the flower stalk of Bronze Peacock has loads of ants on it collecting what ever it is they are mad about .. click on picture and you can see better.
That flower stalk reminds me of the way that spirea flowers are constructed .. this time of year all the pollinators are in love with these flowers .. so am I .

I know .. again with the roses .. I just can't seem to help myself when it comes to them.
I was able to catch Gracie for this shot but her sister Willow "leaves the room" , she is camera shy.


Jenn Jilks said...

I enjoyed your garden.
My cats loathe photo taking! :-)

Kris Peterson said...

Jewels indeed (and I count Gracie and the missing Willow in that category too). I've always admired Martagon lilies in the photos I've seen - they don't grow here and I've never seen one in real life. Ditto the Rodgersia with its pretty flowers and handsome foliage.

Nadezda said...

I love your yellow spirea with raspberry-like flowers, Joy. I also like martagon lilies, yours are amazing and mine just beginning to bloom.

Martha said...

Hi Joy! I'm all about lovely foliage. That is always the first thing I consider. The flowers are the bonus. And Gracie is beautiful. What a wonderful capture. And do you have any online sites you can recommend for plant and bulb purchases? It's difficult to find everything I want locally, so I thought I'd try ordering, as well. Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Happy Sunday to you!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Jenn and thank you ! .. I think Willow got turned of from my picture taking when I used a flash a while back ..most cats hate that .. I should have realized ? duh ! LOL

Hello Kris thank you so much .. the girls are indeed our family jewels ;-) The terrible thing this year is that I planted two more called Arabian Knight and I can't remember where they went .. another garden DUH ? I had to kill at least one rodgersia to get this one to take , location means a lot .. I was fascinated with how the ants were mad for the flower , just like peony .. must be similar nectar ?

Hello dear Nadezda ! you are so right about the flowers looking like "raspberry" colour. I think your grow zone is just a little behind my timing .. I hope to see pictures of yours !

Martha you just popped in while I was answering comments .. yes the foliage is my thing, flowers are a bonus is to right ! haha On line companies .. I was so disappointed that Canning and Gardens Plus stopped their mail order .. actually I was just plain mad because we had no warning at all this was coming .. I did find a place in province called and have ordered twice from them .. the plants are packed very well and they are of decent size for mail order .. they have a large variety .. so you may be able to find what you are interested in .. of course Spring is the best time but I just ordered some specialty miscanthus and they were great ! Flat fee within Ontario of $18, quite reasonable .. so a good size order makes it worth while ..let me know if you find what you are looking for ?

Snowbird said...

I'm just loving those lilies against the lime green leaves, gorgeous! Goodness, those ants are having a field day for sure. Oh, beautiful roses and of course the delightful Gracie. The perfect name for her. Snowbird xxx

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there YOU ! LOL
I was going to mention in the post, how great Sun King Aralia is for a hit of colour in the shade (it used to be so expensive to buy but now not so much :-) ... Yup I have a lot of ant "friends" ? so far not in the house any more thankfully ! Yes I have gotten myself into trouble with trying to grow roses again but hey ... gardening is always a bit of an experiment right ? .. Gracie is quite the character but Willow is more the sensible sister ? haha