Saturday, 2 July 2022

The Lush Time

 The last of June and the beginning of July ... before the heat, humidity, and BUGS hit ? It is the time of lushness . The moments you think "yes ! this is what I was aiming for , a semi jungle maybe ?"

Even the ally is bursting at the seams and the pollinators are loving as well, soon the lilies will start opening ... but then the dreaded time of the lily beetles will kick off and that is a battle I hate.
My little self seeders are amazing with how they edge of the walk way. It is a simple task if I don't want any of them there .. just pull them out but when you are getting lovely bits it is a bonus !

This is the first time for this particular Martagon lily to bloom so I was very happy to see it smile.
"Fuji" is an impossible Wedgewood blue that lights up a shady area , that blue just shines.
"Julia Child" ranges in degrees of yellow and has a divine scent which is a must for me with most roses.

My first attempt at planting a large terra cotta strawberry jar .. I think I crowded it with aggressive herbs and ground covers but I love the way it looks ! Of course I found the portulaca AFTER I did the jar.
The two "sunbathers" at the deck door ... almost a year old and they already look like mature cats.


Alana said...

Your plants are lovely and, yes, lush. I, too, enjoy this "grace period", as I call it. (Where I live in the Southern Tier of New York, the daylilies started coming out perhaps 10 days ago). I've given up on true lilies because of those red lily beetles. We still have one plant that tries to come up in April and those larvae zero right in. Our one hisbiscus is also hit hard by something which I'm thinking may be sawflies. This damage normally starts a bit after they start to bloom but whatever it is has started early this year. Knock on wood, nothing seems to bother the many daylilies we have planted.

Kris Peterson said...

Summer and "lush" can't be used in the same sentence here but I love seeing the beautiful green foliage of your summer garden. With one exception, the roses in my garden go on strike during the summer months (not that they've done much at all this year to begin with) and, again with a single exception, I can't grow Clematis to save my life.

It's nice to see your "girls" enjoying that patch of sunlight too. My Pipig looks for a sunny spot every morning as well.

Jenn Jilks said...

I love your garden! The kitties are cute.
I use neem oil on the lily bugs. It helps.
(ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

Martha said...

Your garden looks spectacular, Joy! Such gorgeous pops of colour. And your fur babies are just darling. They grow so fast, don't they?

Well Contained said...

Once again, thankyou for posting such beautiful photos to help keep me inspired to garden. I have not added to my blog again (just not adept at figuring it out) but have posted some updated garden pics on instagram under Ann Fabris. The pics are certainly not as professional looking as yours but at least I am recording some garden progress at our new home. Thankyou again for the inspiration and stunning photos of your beautiful garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Alana ! Thank you so much ;-)
Yes for the moment it is a lush period (but it doesn't last long is so true) it is actually raining today as well so that is a bonus.
I really hate those beetles too .. I am trying to stay on top of things with neem oil spray but they are so tenacious and now I have a few more roses so that is also a worry with them being targets .. what bug or animal eats lily beetles ?
I think you are going to be safe with the day lilies .. I have not seen the beetles go after them yet .. they bloom so fast and are over as quickly so maybe that discourages the beetles?

Hi there Kris (thank you !) and yes I know it must be lean times there with the weather and water shortage, I would never be able to cope there but you seem to thrive even with so many negatives that you have to deal with.
Clematis is a love hate relationship with me .. tying in vines is so difficult for me yet I love that vertical splash of life and colour.
Sunshine and cats are like magnets right ? they even seem to relax anyone who sees them enjoying that comfort of light and heat .. they make me smile all the time.

Hi Jenn and a BIG yes to neem oil .. I need to get out there and blast my lilies with it after the rain !

Thank you so much Martha .. I have invested a lot of love and labor in the gardens so it is nice to see it all look good even if it is just a few days in a row ? LOL
Yes .. the girls will be a year old on the 31st .. time just flew by !

Hello there Ann and thank you very much ! Any day you think or work in the garden is certainly progress for your garden journey .. I never thought about it like that until a few years ago when I started to change things up .. using more shrubs and tougher plants to make it easier on myself .. it still is a journey of such enjoyment (when I take the time to really look at what is happening in the garden) You can work so hard you forget to let that sink in and really be happy and proud of what you accomplish .. make sure you do that!