Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Do you have "curves" ?

 I read some where (in a garden book of course) that having curves, was a must in your gardens. That straight lines were too harsh ? I must admit I have a couple of long, some what straight lines by way of the fencing, stone paths, and the amount of sun that hits each section of the garden.

The left and right side of the house is paved with flagstone in a very obvious straight line. However the irregular shape of the stones and the overlapping plants, soften the look. It will have to be as it is no matter the quip of "naughty" straight lines. The other criticism by pros used to be the "centrifugal"  garden .. that garden beds were whipped out from the center, to the edges of the property as if they were designed by such a force. Well I plead guilty, that is how I created my gardens. I needed the security of knowing where I was going ? I'm a garden gal that likes and can work with boundaries.

The choice again of either going right or left and ? it is rather curvy right ?

Curves on the ground or curves with a bed .. take your choice !
The choice to go either right or left at this point. To investigate what plants are calling to be seen ?
Along some of the pathways their are side vignettes , like my little horde of Blue Mouse Ears hiding by a Japanese maple, ferns, and ivy .. and ? a some what feeble attempt at a little dry stream bed. I am still working on that !
So ... do you follow the "rules" of design ? or break them to fit your taste and gardens ?  Of course this means that the girls have the last say in this post even while they are sleeping !  LOL


Jenn Jilks said...

Cool! I like your garden.
(ツ) from Jenn Jilks , ON, Canada!

Martha said...

Oh my gosh, Joy! Your girls are adorable. What a sweet photo of them. I don't have enough curves yet in the garden but I'm hoping to soon. The front of the house only has a tiny flower bed, but despite that, we did add a curve when we laid down the stones!

Kris Peterson said...

Rules (in a garden at least) are meant to be broken! Straight or curved, all your paths are beautiful. Variations in paving stone size and shape as well as the softening effect of plants along edges help add interest and encourage visitors to note garden details. I also have both straight and curved lines in my garden. As I recall there are some myths about curved lines confusing witches and other demons intent on causing harm but then I've also read that fairies like straight lines so interpret that information as you please ;)

The "girls" are adorable.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Good advice! Your gardens are incredibly beautiful (and your kitties are so cute)! Most of my garden areas have curved edges, but some have straight lines, too--mostly out of necessity.

Snowbird said...

Oh...those kitties! Sighs!
Ignore what you've read, your garden is simply lovely, I wish mine was as beautiful! There truly is not a straight line in sight and certainly no borders around a lawn!!! You sure are creative and have designed a stunning garden. Snowbird. xxx

RobinL said...

I am not one for straight lines in the garden, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. You nailed it though, because your flagstones do indeed keep it from looking too straight. I’m quite envious of your flagstone paths. I don’t have paths, I simply have lawn to walk through. Hubby would wish for a straight line garden, always scolding if something spills over into the lawn or patio. I’ve reminded him many times that gardens are not meant to be neat and orderly, and he can’t have his way with this matter. I’m trying to teach him about softening the edges of hardscape with plants, but instead he always wants me to “stop” the plants from spilling over. That’s not how this works honey!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I love all of these curves. Your garden looks so full and fresh. I will try to send you some pics of some of the curves in my garden.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Thanks Jenn ;-)

Hi Martha and thanks ! Yup .. the girls know how to pose eh ? LOL .. it takes a lot of time to adjust perennial beds to what we like ... plants come and go but we can hold on to the curves, structures and what nots a bit longer to bend ? them to our will ? haha

Hello Kris ... wow ! I had not heard that before about witches and fairies that is interesting indeed ! I know I can get confused with what I attempt to do and what the final product turns out to be ? haha .. Yes all rules are made to be broken at some time .. I do almost all the time ? haha

HI Beth and thank you ! .. It is impossible not to bend the curves to a straight line at times but plants can disguise a lot of mischief going on in the garden, so I leave it up to distraction not to be a hrad line about anything ? LOL

Thank you so much Snowbird .. I have to say when I look back to when we first bought this house and what was here (dead lawn front and back along with two dead trees) all the stages I went through with plants and borders ... yup, it certainly is different from back then !

Hi Robin and I do so appreciate my flagstone paths (plus the sprinkler system !) I am one lucky gardener to be so spoiled and I know it. Oh my gosh you have a hard "path" to teaching your hubby to RELAX about the garden and plants ! LOL BRAVO !

Hello there Lisa girl and thank you .. the wicked time of the garden year is waiting to stomp in any time now ... YES ! Thank you so much for the pictures ! I love seeing your garden up close with all the accents and plants .. I am envious of your oak leaf hydrangea, I could never get one through winter here .. love that foliage !