Sunday, 19 June 2022

Plants in Shadow and Light

 My little gargoyle that keeps watch in the shadows and light.

Some plants in the gardens I have had for years and they still surprise me.
I had no idea .. or perhaps I kept missing it .. that the flowers of Lady's Mantle have a beautiful scent !
Golden oregano is an amazing ground cover ... all from one plant over the years of spreading slowly.
Solomon's Seal is beautiful even without the little flowers. This one is a variegated type so a little hit of white goes a long way.
At Last rose against a very dark background , holds it's own with that gorgeous colour and a few drops of rain.
Morden Sunrise a wild looking rose that blooms all season long .. bright light really accentuates it.
I wonder who of you know what this is ... I will leave it as a mystery for you ! A mix of light and shadow brings out the colours of the foliage.
Spirea is such an all purpose shrub so I have quite a few dotted all over the garden. The pollinators love those flowers so it truly fills a great purpose along with looking pretty even in shadow.
Stand By Me shrub clematis and a bee that is loving it .. this was the first time I remember seeing a bee that just couldn't get enough of these bell flowers. This is definitely bright light. 
Twinkle shrub clematis holds the light interest with it's bright white colour .. eventually you will see it morph with some blue around the bell of the flower.
I have to confess some of the work horse plants .. back bone  plants ? of my garden .. well I forget how pretty they are and how they have filled out garden areas to look more attractive.
They can still surprise me !


Martha said...

These are all gorgeous, Joy! This is my favourite time of year. The garden just explodes with colour and lush growth. The Morden Sunrise is always a favourite!

Kris Peterson said...

All these plants are beautiful, whether in shadow or sun, although I was particularly drawn to the Clematis, probably in part because I have such limited success growing them. That's not that I'm great with roses either ;) You're right that it can be easy to overlook the work horses of your garden - I sometimes fail to notice the ever-present beauty of my Grevilleas and Leucadendrons too.

Nadezda said...

Stand By Me shrub clematis is lovely, Joy

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello again Martha and thank you ! Morden Sunrise is an old but a goodie for sure .. puts up with a lot of transplanting when I just can't make up my mind ? haha .. A lot of the garden is in transition right now .. my favorite time is when the hydrangea put out their gorgeous flowers ... and we slowly slip into ... Autumn ! LOL

Hello Kris ! I'm a little shaky with roses myself .. I am going to try to get them to climb the arbor bench and that is always a testy experiment in nerves for me .. plus it takes a lot of time since I bought such young plants. I think the longer we are gardeners and as our gardens mature that is when we overlook those workhorses until one day we actually SEE them ?

Hello there Nadezda .. SBM is a beauty but now I have a new one called Rain Dance ... their blue is supposed to be even more intense .. but I will have to wait and see .. fingers crossed.

Snowbird said...

Oh, sooo many delights today! I'm loving your gargoyle and shell with the hostas and really want that golden oregano, it's gorgeous. The rose is a keeper, just stunning. Always such a pleasure to visit here and see what's in bloom. Your garden is gorgeous. xxx

Hoover Boo said...

The dappled shade and water-rich plants are like a cool breeze to a gardener in a drought-stricken place.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello there Snowbird ! Thank you so much ! I do get a kick out of gargoyles .. I think next year I will be trying to find more ;-) Golden oregano is so pretty and tough in the garden .. I never expected it to last as long as it has especially with our winters .
This is the cusp for the garden to look great , before it starts going down hill from heat and bugs .. so I am loving it now as well.

Hello Hoover Boo ! I'm so sorry you have to deal with drought conditions .. I am grateful every day we don't have to here for now .. but you never know what is coming down the road.
So I am very appreciative for our weather and water availability ! Hope you get rain soon !